This is only the beginning of something. I’m not sure what just yet but I do know that a daily count down to 1001 cranes for my wedding next February isn’t what anyone wants to read about.  But for your information, I am a crane folding machine! And before anyone asks … No. I will not fold your 1001 cranes for you.

The practice in crane folding for a wedding started in Hawaii. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking this is a Japanese tradition. It is infact a Hawaiian Japanese tradition, made to show patience in your future marital bliss as well as the hope/prayer for longevity in said union. I don’t mind folding all these cranes as I have gotten much better and faster but had I never gotten the hang of it, I would say marriage be damned .. I would only hope for half the longevity, screaming and kicking the whole way.

I am a newly wed. Married into the Navy. Army brat my whole life, until about two months ago. Oh. I see how this could confuse you. We got married in April. That Guy “TG”  is going on deployment soon and when he gets back we will have my dream wedding celebration. It might be a little bit of his dream, but I’m pretty sure its mostly mine.

You don’t have alot of time before Uncle Sam calls you back to Duty. Being a staunch supporter of our military service men and women, I am proud to say that my husband serves our great country so that we can be free.  Remember. If you live in this country, you don’t know what its like to not be free. You’ve never had your freedom stripped from you. Be thankful. Thank our military men and women who strive daily to make sure it is never taken away from you.