Do you remember when you were younger and all you wanted to do was get older? You thought being older was the only way you’d ever get to make your own mistakes decisions. The only way you’d get to be your own person. The only thing between you and that dream was about 10 years and yet, you still couldn’t wait for it to get there. 10 years to an 8 or 9 year old is the longest decade in history. 10 years to a 30 something year old is approximately 2 years, give or take 1 or 2.

So now you find yourself exclaiming this most under appreciated tidbit of information to the younger people in your lives knowing they won’t listen to you as you never listened to the adults in your life but still hoping they might try to slow down. They might try to enjoy their childhood as you should’ve. Right. Hindsite .. blah blah blah.

Another thing you were told was to take care of your body. Right? I played sports through highschool. I played alot of sports through highschool. I got injured playing some of these sports and I never took care of my injuries. Because I just didn’t have the time. And now that I have even less time, I realize that I probably had a lot more time then, than I do now. Yeah. Its that Hindsight thing again. Only this time its in your knees, back, shoulders, elbow and probably your left foot.

The only reason for this post and main reason why I am still trying to machete my way into the minds of these young people is due to the excrutiating pain I have in both my knees. I played volleyball last night (I’m on a league) and that hurt pretty bad. I did turbo kick boxing this morning and I’m pretty sure that finished the job. I walked up those stairs slower than the grandmas that take the same turbo kick boxing class. Which has me preaching to the 20 somethings to start taking care of their body now before its too late. Go to physical therapy. Do the exercises. Don’t blow them off and then realize a decade or two later that everything you do triggers some sort of (you’re not old enough) pain.

Now, you are probably asking yourselves, why doesn’t she just go to physical therapy. Well, I have. I know the exercises. I went to two sessions of physical therapy. For about a month I was doing all the exercises at the gym. All those exercises take 30 minutes out of my regular work out. I moved to the downtown Honolulu office which gives me a 30-40 minute commute every morning versus the 5 minutes it took to drive upstairs and park my car. What happened is that I reverted back to the 15 year old with the messed up shoulders who knew what she was supposed to do with that resistance band but  instead of letting it dry up on the door knob. Now that 15 year old is 34 and she can’t do anything overhand without throwing out her shoulder. Awesome.  I’m hoping that one day the 34 year old will figure it out. Hopefully, before the next decade.