This is the last morning I get to spend waking up in my husband’s arms for atleast another 218 days.  This morning/day came way too fast. I had expected it to come. I anticipated its arrival. I slowly started to harden to it and embrace the fact that it was inevitable. All this preparation and yet, I know, as I stand on that pier to watch my husband leave tomorrow morning, amonst the children screaming for their mommy or daddy to come back, the mothers/wives trying to console their young ones while feeling the same heavy longing for their spouse, that my eyes too will fill with tears as I watch him leave.

Saying "I Love You" a 1000+ times

I haven’t had the opportunity to get used to this lifestyle and I am glad that I may only have to go through this one other time and then settle into our future, wherever it should take us. I have a friend who has 3 kids and a husband in the navy. I imagine that it must be terribly hard on her but she takes it very well.  She’s told me that she feels luckier because she has to be the strong one for her kids, while the childless spouse must find someone else to lean on rather than put all their effort and energy into holding someone else up.

Leaving Pearl Harbor

They have a Family Readiness Group that will meet once a month to discuss what is happening on the ship and provide a peer group for family members. I’m not really interested in becoming friends with any of these women (I’ve heard military wife drama is pretty retarded) but am going to go to win that First Kiss pass that I’ve heard about. So many things I’ve never experienced and I feel like I’m starting so late in life. The weirdest part is that I am the same age and sometimes older than many of these wives but I feel like such a newb because I just married into the navy.

Leaving the Channel

I’m a little sad. But its not forever. Its not even close to forever and I am so proud of what he does that its difficult to take that away from him and all those that serve our country. Its a whole 218 days (i’m hoping it won’t be more than that). A very very small drop in the ever filling bucket of life. Love TG.