TG. Mom. MA

Bet most of you didn’t know that I have family in Idaho. Ok. In all fairness I didn’t have any family (let alone know anyone) in Idaho until a little over 2 months ago.

Turns out, from the air, Idaho looks pretty much like what you’d expect it to look like. Crop Circles and dirt. BUT its actually really nice and comes with a wine region! Not every state can boast a wine region.

Night of the Birthday. TG's son, CB. MA & Mom.

We left Honolulu on a 9:30 PM flight with a small layover in Salt Lake City, UT. We finally arrived in Boise, Idaho around 10 AM where TG’s sister picked us up. We ate then went back to the airport to pick up TG’s son, CB. Funny enough (as is befitting for me ..and apparently this new family of mine) while TG went to pick his son, CB, up at the gate, his sister, MA and I went straight to the bar. By then it was past 12. Legitimate drinking time.

Wasn't even drunk yet

We spent the long weekend hanging out with family and getting to know them. Went to a waterpark (if you didn’t know already ..I super ❤ waterparks), watched The Last Airbender and drank copious amounts of wine at Sawtooth winery where TG and I bought a case of 12 bottles to consume when he gets back and when we move into our new home together.

MA. Post water balloon birthday present

TG. Post water balloon. Just because his niece misses him so darn much.

MA shares a birthday with the United States (ahem .. 4th of July) and so we celebrated her birthday with firecrackers, food and drink. An amazing time, complete with water balloons, sangria and explosives!