All meat. Coldcuts and canned ham. So pretty!

Yes. Like I said. OFFICIALLY. And so from this day forward on the anniversary of this day we shall eat Swedish Sandwich Cake and Swedish Chocolate Balls!

So I thought (being the huge carnivore that I am) that I would love the all meat sandwich cake, but it turns out the seafood one was insane! Really. Hats off to the chef. I will definitely be attempting this at home. Just not anytime soon because I can barely walk let alone think of food right now. Beer on the other hand .. hahahah

Yummy Yummy!

Here is the seafood sandwich cake. Note the pictures don’t do these any justice. You just don’t get the depth of these confections unless you see it in person. The basic principle of these cakes is a layering method of bread to spread. Depending on the type of cake you make. The Seafood cake had tuna, hard boiled egg and cooked shrimp and was then decorated with cucumbers, mixed greens, smoked salmon and lemon. The Meat cake was more cold cuts and canned ham with more mayonnaise and some chopped pineapple. Believe it or not, the pineapple was a welcome addition to all the meat. It was a surprising and subtle flavor.

Swedish Chocolate Coconut Balls

All in all, after having talked about this for months and imagining its awesomeness I am more than impressed. This was so much more than I had hoped for. Incredible to look at and fantastic eating!