I’d like to introduce you to my dog, Dante. I found him on petfinders.com and rescued him from an animal hoarder. He and his son came from horrible living conditions which included a huge overly friendly pitty, yappy shitshu, terrified teacup yorkie, several cats/kittens and 3 gigantic parrots, two human children and two very irresponsible adults. I had been looking for a bichon/poodle/maltese (non shedding dog) and wanted to go through petfinders or some other rescue association and finally came across both Dante and Koa (dante’s son .. whom my sister has). That day, my sister and I drove to Staten Island, NY to pick up both dogs. Dante at the time was about 1.5 years old and Koa was just 6 months (both un-neutered), both in dire need of vaccines and grooming. There were poop stains all over the disgusting carpet. The smell was horrendous. The mother of the house was a woman who obviously had no concern for hygiene or how living as an animal hoarder might actually affect her human children.  

Thankfully, we were able to save Dante and Koa from having to live in this house (even though .. I’m sure with no rules and boundaries they were perfectly happy adding to the stains in the carpet).

New York Dog

Now, please know that rescuing an animal has probably been one of my greatest and most giving accomplishments (even though I’ve nearly given him away about 4 times because I am an irresponsible grown person and all my friends and family have vowed to hang and gut me pretty good if I ever EVER do this again). The beginning was especially difficult but slowly he is starting to work through alot of the things I thought would never happen. He can now ride in a car and not panic (two years). He plays fetch, will do anything for a treat, and is overall just a really cute dog that can perform circus tricks. Currently we are working on him being able to stay home. I think it is ok. Most of the neighbors don’t complain and so it appears he is getting used to it. My mother (hater of all things animal) loves Dante. She says he doesn’t count because he’s .. Dante? My Dad loves animals and is the most patient man. Ever. Even with animals. Its pretty amazing.

Hates all Animals - Dante is the exception

Animal Lover - My Dad needs a dog

Dante is a Bichon/Poodle, AKA: BichiPoo .. hahahah…(thats what I think, atleast). And his breed requires grooming. About every other month we have to take him to cut his hair (yes .. he grows hair .. not fur), clip his nails, and extract some gross stuff. Well, it gets pretty pricey and so my Mom has decided to take it upon herself to cut his hair. Trim it down. This is her first attempt. Poor guy. He didn’t know all the other dogs were laughing at him.

Bad Hair Day

My sister and I were going through our old stuffed animals last christmas and Dante decided he needed to investigate. His investigation concluded by making himself comfortable amongst the fluffy stuffiness.

Where's Dante?

And now, I bring you the Top Dog himself. The ex-New Yorker. The Coast to Coast traveler. The Cute Fluffy himself .. Master Destroyer of tennis balls! .. By the way, this picture was taken yesterday evening. Dante insisted that I continue to play fetch with him even though the ball was completely destroyed. I even tried tricking him and got a new ball but he wasn’t having any of that. He went and found another destroyed tennis ball for me to throw and was perfectly satisfied that it didn’t bounce or go very far. Its the little things, people.

Master Destroyer

 My sister and her husband have two dogs. They had 1 before I went and pawned Koa off on them. All of our dogs are rescued. Their older dog, Nalu is part German Shephard and part Beagle (we think). Koa is supposed to be a Bichon Poodle .. but I am still uncertain as to that, too. Here is a picture of the cuties just relaxing on the sofa in a little apartment in Astoria, Queens.