Guess what this is? Take a guess how many cranes have been folded?


I have folded a total of 752 cranes, 7 of which don’t count because I gave 5 to David to take on the ship and 1 on my desk and then one more .. that I think I messed up. I still folded it! But I can’t count it because its ugly. Like the last kid picked in PE class. Like the weakest kid picked during Red Rover .. red rover .. send (name if weak kid) right over. Only this kid got cut. Lots of lessons to be learned here, folks. Not everyone gets to be a part of the big 1001 crane made picture.

2 bags-a-stink'n-cranes ...on my desk*

So on my desk in two separate bags are 695 cranes. And as of today, I have folded about 100 more blue than I have orange. You wanna know how many more cranes I have to fold to reach my goal of 1000? Wanna know how long its been since I’ve folded a crane? Wanna know how long I walked around with a packet of 100 orange origami papers in my backpack (you know .. to even out the numbers a bit)?

1.  255 (I have 50 at home in a little bag)
2.  Approximately 1 month
3.  Approximately 1 month

I admit. I was overly ambitious. I wanted to fold them all. All 1000 cranes. Because I tend to be overly ambitious. Did I mention that I can be overly ambitious?

I am giving myself a month to get it back in gear. To fold the last 255 cranes. Because come December, if its not done .. I’m going to have to have a party. That involves lots of friends. And Dinner. And Lots of Drinks. Thats right .. I said Drinks. Ok.. Tell ya what. You can have a drink after you fold 25 cranes.

Whatdya say? Deal? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

*Used PW’s Lovely Ethereal & Boost Actions on this photo. lovely.