gumpaste .. aka: sugarpaste .. aka: lots of time

A friend of mine at work’s niece had a birthday party this weekend. Actually, it was on Halloween. And it wasn’t a Halloween themed birthday party. I know. Missed opportunity. Right? Well, the birthday was for her 1 year old niece. And little girls like pink and flowers and hello kitty and candy. Or (which is more likely the case) the mother of a little girl likes pink and flowers and hello kitty and candy.

Gumpaste Sakura (cherry blossom) flowers

I used to want to do this for a living. Some of you may recall that I wanted to do something like this for a living but never really did anything about it because I’m really all about the easy path. And the easy path didn’t involve copious amounts of butter, confectioners sugar or fondant. My waistline thanks me. HA! or it shouts in anger for being deprived of all that butter.

I made this cake. Brings back memories of wanting to be a cake maker for a living. But then I think of all the time it takes to make a cake. All the steps in creating this work of art and I’m way more about the finished product. Its the stuff in the middle that I don’t like doing. So if I could find someone to bake and frost my cakes and I could just decorate, I think I could maybe do this for a living. Just say’n.

Let the Shoveling Begin

On another note. Lets say you had some left over cake .. and you didn’t want to throw it away. And lets say you happen to keep a carton of heavy whipping cream in your fridge (because you just never know when you’ll need heavy whipping cream) and maybe you have some chocolate syrup and a nice liquor to go with that chocolate syrup. You can make this. I used brandy but wished I had some kahlua on hand. (note: buy kahlua). Cut the cake in cubes. Pile into a martini glass. Top with heavy whipping cream (that you whipped up with some powdered sugar) .. elbow grease people. Baking isn’t easy. Mix some of that chocolate syrup with brandy (or kahlua or grand marnier or baileys or whiskey or .. yeah .. you get the picture) and drizzle that ontop of everything. Then grab a spoon and commence shoveling the chocolaty goodness into your mouth.

Hey! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.