I went to a birthday party this past weekend for my friend’s twin girls. Can you guess what the theme was? I designed her invitations, too!

I’ve seen balloon artists and their work. I’ve seen balloon poodles and other animals but I have never seen a balloon artist as talented as this guy. (sorry .. no picture of the guy… I was too busy watching him make art).


The Little Mermaid



If you guessed Disney, you were right!

She had her brother order the tins from IKEA (if you’ve never been/seen/heard of IKEA you must find one. You must go. NOW!) I miss IKEA. My life has not been the same without one.  IKEA would do really well here. As would Trader Joes and Kohls and .. but I digress. Anyways. Tins from IKEA, candy from an online bulk seller and that Minnie and Daisy sticker on the lollipop?.. She did those herself using the Cricut. This crafty-scrap-booky-thingy that all scrap book people should get. Because it makes really cool sticker things like this. She had Pluto, Mickey, Donald and Goofy, too.

Scuba Diver

Back to the artist. Formerly known as Nurse (balloon guy). Yup. You heard right. In his day job, the Balloon Guy is a nurse. Awesome.

I asked him for a scuba diver (because I wanted to be difficult and I didn’t necessarily want to walk around with another Minnie Mouse balloon). So he looked at me and said, “Ok, I’ll make you a scuba diver.” Which is exactly what he did. Pretty cool, no?

The MC

Even the MC for the day wanted to scuba dive. I loaned her my mask. She seemed to enjoy swimming in the air. Good times. Good times.

New Tat

They also brought in a tattoo (airbrush w/ stencil) artist. And I got a dragon. Because when it really comes down to it .. Im still a kid. Just a big one.