Dante's Birthday Cake

I’m not one of those crazy dog ladies. I swear. Honest. Do you believe me?

Patience my son. You will eat cake soon enough.

My lil boy turned 4 yesterday. Or .. 28 in dog years. So I decided to bake him a cake. A doggie cake. This photo was not easy to take (hence the look of indiffernce/disinterest .. or over all pissy look). I kept denying him a sampling of the cake because I had to get the photo. In actuality, he just needs a haircut. When his hair starts to get long it starts to fall over his eyes and he looks pissed off …all the time. Until he gets a haircut, atleast.

"Gah .. Finally!" mm... lick... lick .. peanut butter...

I made Dante a sweet potato, carrots, bananas and diced up chicken birthday cake. Yeah .. sounded pretty appetizing until I got to the chicken, huh? The frosting was made of cream cheese and ground up dehydrated cheddar. The writing frosting was simply cream cheese, peanut butter and a little bit of honey.

Boy. That sock really ruins the composition! In my defense … I haven’t had a pedicure since TG left … I’ve been busy. And I haven’t any anyone around that I really need to show off my toes. So there!

And Dante doesn’t care about my toes. He just wants cake.

Happy Birthday Dante!

Luckily he’s not too picky but what dog wouldn’t love this cake?  Happy Birthday Dante!