On occassion, my dad and I like to enjoy some good wine paired with a great cheese, meat and cracker platter.

The booze

This is typically what we’ll have for dinner on some nights. Because wine is good and wine is really good with cheese and crackers. Plus (ahem .. *cough* *wink*) the Beaujolais had to be drunk. Its not one of those red wines that lasts a century in your wine cellar. It is meant to be consumed within two years of their harvest. It is a lighter red wine with softer tannins (yeah yeah yeah). I only had to peek at wikipedia. I promise.

Passion Mui

The chopped up fruit you see on the left side of the picture is called a Fruit Mui. A local Hawaiian fruit type chutney made up of a dried fruits, lemon juice, whiskey (yes .. you heard right .. we like our liquor here in Hawaii), sugar, salt and various spices. I like to add a fruit component when having meat & cheese. This was the perfect accompaniment. Slightly sweet, tiny bit salty and a little tangy. Its like a flavor party in your mouth. Here’s a recipe from the Honolulu Advertiser. Make it. Give it as a gift. Its almost Christmas!

Dinner. December 5, 2010

OH! I made stuffed mushrooms, too. I also made lasagna last night .. and that’s what I filled the mushrooms with. Now normally one would think to just stick the mushrooms in the lasagna but I really like stuffed mushrooms and they were really pretty and big and begged to be stuffed.

I know. They told me.

I took some of the lasagna sauce, chopped up the stems of the mushrooms and added some parm cheese and chopped basil. They came out scrumptious. I suppose it might all depend on how you make your sauce. I use my mom’s spaghetti sauce. And it’s pretty fantastic. She loads it with a bunch of ground beef and every vegetable she can grab in the fridge. Good and healthy.

That was dinner last night. We like to do it up pretty fancy in the Apana house.