Hey there! Well, it was the general concensus that we would not put up a tree this year (even though I love Christmas, and trees, food, friends, family and oh maybe the presents under the tree).  Mostly because the tree I have is not a prelit tree and untangling the lights is too much work and quite frankly, I just wanted a new tree.Mind you. I don’t care much for the smell of pine or the sap and mostly I don’t care much for a dying pine tree with hard prickly pine needles that fall on the ground that I have to vacuum up the whole time the tree is up. Which in my case can potentially be way past the New Year. This is why I am all for a fake tree.

If you like the smell of pine so much, get a candle!

On Saturday, I drove out to KMart (because the trees were on sale) and bought a new 6.5 foot franklin pine.  I typically go for clear lights but I found the tree (the perfect shade of dark green with branches that looked full of pine .. even if they were plastic needles) and that tree had multi colored lights. I also found out that a prelit tree is the BEST invention EVER.

I’m sorry. Did you hear me right? Yes. I said EVER. If you have a fake tree and it is not a prelit one, I highly recommend you go out and buy a new one. Like now. While they are on sale. But because you’re tree is probably up already and because you’re probably not like me and well .. heck .. you probably have a real tree, don’t you? Ugh. Nevermind. I was gonna say wait till after Christmas but I guess that’s a moot point now.

Moot point. Not Mood. Not Mote. Moot. Ok. I’m done.

Decorated ... note: I need more ornaments

I love this tree. I love sitting in its red glow in the evening with the lights out, reading or playing Godfinger or Angry Birds .. on my new ipad. (Thanks TG!!!)

I especially love it when I decorate the tree and Dante comes over with his ball and plays the put-in/take-out the ball in my ornament case. I just have to make sure he doesn’t mistake one of the ornaments for his tennis ball. But he’s so darn cute when he does it .. I just praise him when he takes out the right ball.

But the bestest best thing about putting up the tree is when I’m all done the cutest Christmas present is waiting for me to play ball with him.

The cutest Christmas Present