Just like it says up there. I’m beat. Ambition got the best of me this year. Even though I didn’t finish my list of treats they were still a success (even if I didn’t get to 2 of them) and everyone in the office got a Christmas present from me in the form of food.

Merry Christmas work people!

If you know me at all, you know that food is probably the best form of gift giving from me anyway.

Lemon Coconut Pixies were the BOMB!

The co-workers asked me if I made all of the treats and I sleepily said “yes .. and I am sleep deprived and hungry.. but MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

I’m not bitter! I’m just tired! And at the time I was probably hungry. Wow. Tell me that isn’t a bad combo to be around. heh heh

I even made some baskets for my friend/dogsitter and a few neighbors.

* Please try not to make fun of me for having a dogsitter. I wouldn’t make fun of you. It’s just not nice. Especially this time of year.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. 

Inside the basket: human treats & doggie toy and treat

Then I wrapped them up in a cellophane bag that was meant to wrap boxes and baskets. Making life much easier. Apparently I am all about the ease these days.

I even made a little tag/list of items in the basket. Remember the rumballs? My neighbors have little kids. The last thing I need this season is for one of those kids to go diving into the treat box and come out the other end drunk. Although, it would make for a pretty darn funny Christmas story when they get older.

Something to think about parents of youngsters! Enjoy the treats!

Wrapped lauhala basket/box