My Dad is awesome.

Did you guys know that? Well, if you went to Highschool with me and my sister, you all know my Dad is awesome.

My Dad offered to take me to Sasabune. Not a cheap dinner destination, mind you. But totally worth the company. I love sharing food with my Dad. He gives me very good feedback on my cooking and totally appreciates food the way I do.

There’s a sushi place here in Hawaii, (also Upper East Side in New York City and West Los Angeles) called Sasabune. Sushi Sasabune’s motto is “Trust me.”  This style of eating is called Omakase. The chef chooses your selections.

Now, having gone, I agree. Trust them.

I’m pretty sure you all know me. And if you know me well enough .. ah hell, you could’ve just met me and you’d know this .. I drink beer. My beverage of choice in a Japanese restaurant (if available) is Sapporo, my favorite Japanese beer.

Of course.

The chef’s menu is really the only one you should be getting. It showcases a variety of sushi’s you may not have had the opportunity to try or the old standby’s done traditionally or with a flavorful twist. I took pictures of almost everything. I only missed a couple.

I got really excited. I mean, I love food… I love sushi… I couldn’t help it.

Ok. Sorry for the excuses.

They started out with warm towels for you’re hands. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was just a warm towel. And at the time, the beer seemed more important. But then they put this in front of us.

Real grated wasabi root. YUM!

And then the real adventure began.

Albacore Sashimi in a Ponzu sauce

My Favorite! Baby Squid stuffed with Blue Crab

Two kinds of snapper

Hamachi. AKA: Yellowtail

Kompachi - Really good. Tasted like ume. Interesting.

Signature. Scraped toro from the skin

My Dad’s favorite. Toro: Fatty Tuna.

I’m not done taking you guys on this journey. But I did just show you my favorite dishes out of the bunch. I know there are people out there who love unagi (eel) and tamago (sweet egg) sushi. I am not one of them.

Unagi is on par with catfish for me. I don’t like either. 

I also prefer my eggs savory. Unless they’re in a custard. But that’s a whole different sort of post.

And the cool thing about this next dish is that they put my least favorite sushi’s and combined them! Its almost like they knew. Two bites and this was done and over with. I’ve never been so thankful for beer. But if you like tamago and/or unagi, I’m sure you’ll love this one.

I put on a brave face. I ate it.

And then there were things that I normally don’t care for like Salmon sushi. I rarely eat it because often times the flavor is too strong for me. But in this instance, it was a perfect balance of flavors. Some salty, heat from the wasabi, toasty from the sesame seeds and the finely shaved daikon went perfect with the warm sushi rice and salmon. Suprisingly really great sushi.

Behind it is a Boston scallop sushi. You never realize how sweet seafood is until you’ve had it raw. I realized that while eating the various sushi. Some were a little too sweet for me, others were a welcome surprise.

salmon and scallop


Skip jack tuna & ebi (sweet shrimp) sushi

And my only sushi excursion FAIL (that I have proof of) was my baked lobster tail. I was so excited when they put the plate down, I just dug right in. 

 And I didn’t stop digging until what was left was the sad and empty husk of what once was a beautifully baked lobster tail.

bye bye baked lobster tail

All in all the evening of sushi was pretty darn amazing. I will probably never experience this again and I will forever remember this evening that I got to spend with my Dad, enjoying something we both love and being able to talk about it.

Mochi icecream for dessert

These times are going to be very rare once I leave the house. I’m going to miss these moments. I’m going to miss enjoying food with my Dad. He’s pretty damn good company, if you ask me.

And like I said .. All my friends will vouch for that, too.