Not my anniversary. My friend’s anniversary.

Did you know there are like a bagillion varieties of roses?

Roses. Lilies. Filler.

Ok. Maybe not a bagillion but definitely a lot. And I have no idea how you can tell the difference between most of them. And I couldn’t find the name of this rose on my own (Internet Search FAIL) but my friend, Nan (the bouquet was from her Husband made by Watanabe Florists) found the name.

Good thing. Since they’re her flowers.

The name of this rose is “Red Intuition Rose” and what makes it so cool is the pattern on the petals. When it was delivered to the office, they were so different looking. I just had to share it with you.

Naturally Striped Red Rose

My favorite rose is called Sterling Silver rose. It is a lavendar lilac color. This has always been my favorite flower. Even before I knew purple was my favorite color.

Go figure. It was meant to be.

Sterling Silver Rose

I think the reason I might like this flower so much (other than the color) is because it is so hard to find. Which makes it sort of special, if you ask me.

Note: My anniversary is coming up in 3 months. *hint* *wink*