I made this. I’ve never made gnocchi. Ever. I bought it a couple of times. It was ok. I’ve had it in restaurants. It was wonderful.

My mom roasts sweet potatoes. 1) Because they are healthy, 2) Because they are easy and 3) Because she likes to give Dante a whole half a roasted sweet potato before she goes to work. Everyday.  She is spoiling my dog. He gained a pound living with that woman.

All of this dog loving is amazing coming from a woman who hates dogs. *Please See: All dogs except Dante.

Arugula. Caprese. Gnocchi.

But that aside. My mom always has sweet potatoes in the fridge. I have no idea what made me do it. No idea what got in my head and said .. Make Gnocchi. I don’t even crave the stuff.

I looked for a recipe for Sweet Potato Gnocchi and I found this one. And the limited ingredients called to me.

Browned Butter. Pecorino Romano. Sweet Pillowy Pasta.

So I used them as guidelines. I didn’t measure anything, rather I made these by look and feel.  After boiling they came out like pillows. Soft, sweet, slightly nutmeggy pillows of goodness.

Then I browned a tablespoon or 3 of butter. Added a tiny pinch of salt. Threw in the cooked gnocchi to brown. Poured into a bowl with some shredded pecorino romano and some parsley.

Consumed. Shoveled. Poured?

Something along those lines.