In the time that my last post was written. Between the weeks, days and hours… my life has changed. I moved from my parents house into Navy housing. TG was still on deployment so I made the move on my own with the help of some very thoughtful and helpful friends. We went to a retreat 2 days after he arrived home and then Valentines day came and went.

I’ve been kind of busy.

I bought furniture. I bought a Weber grill for TG for Christmas. I bought new 800 threadcount bed sheets for our new bed. (good grief …which are still in the dryer)

About 6 days after I signed the lease to move into housing, TG came home.

Lots of fanfare for homecomings. The other ships in the port blew their horns. The USS Okane’s bag piper piping is a pretty cool experience, combined with seeing a bunch of sailors topside in their summer whites makes it even more surreal.  Its a very emotional experience, especially if you’ve never seen it before. I have seen it before. The big difference this time was that I stood waiting on the pier for My Husband.

Photos by: Hawaiian Style Photography

ps: and the MWR (morale welfare and recreation) provided food and drinks for waiting family members.

Photograph taken by Hawaiian Style Photography

My friend hired Hawaiian Style Photography to get photos of the homecoming. Gorgeous photos. One of my favorites (that I have seen so far) was taken next to the Missing Man Memorial at Hickam Airforce Base. The Missing Man Formation is the Air Force’s traditional symbol to honor comrades who lost their lives in battle. (note: I was told the leg lift was an after thought .. but what a great after thought!)

Throughout the move, my only thought was to atleast make sure Homecoming went perfectly for TG. Or as perfect as it could.

Given my tendency for over ambition-ism.

(Not a word. I know. But I’m run’n with it).

The first sign

Instead of making a whole new sign, I reused. I recycled. I am applying to Green Peace tomorrow.

This time he got a Minion and the original Honu!  My sign was a big hit with the kids.

Must See: Despicable Me.

I’ve decided all other deployments from here on out, I will continue to add to the original sign.

I’m taking a stand for posterboard around the world. But mainly the trees. And the wildlife. And the rainforests.

Man, Green Peace is gonna love me!

* There are many reasons why I haven’t posted Homecoming pictures that I took with my very own camera. The first of which, I haven’t downloaded any photographs. And the second, far more important reason, is that I know my pictures will blow.  Being my height (even with 3 inch heels) still means I am about a half foot shorter than all the other women with 3 inch heels and holding your camera up in the air, hoping for the money shot, doesn’t work all the time. Doesn’t work most of the time. Especially this time. 

I may have gotten one of TG coming off the brow .. but I might’ve cropped his head out. Or maybe I only got his head and most of the sky. I’ll let you know once I finally get around to reviewing the photos.