I said Rings. and Roses.

Not to be mistaken for Rings around the rosie.

We’re talk’n happy times. Not sad plague-y death caused by fleas on rats.

Oh lord, where did this post go?

Lavendar Roses

Are we back on track now? Did the roses bring you back? Good.

TG overheard somewhere that his wife’s favorite flower is a Sterling Silver Rose. (see: Anniverary Roses)

Of course, it could be that he actually read about it. Or maybe it was that time I told him.


Either way. These roses were waiting for me when I got home from work on Valentines Day. So beautiful. So well arranged. So totally perfect.

I don’t have pictures of dinner but I will tell you that TG grilled a couple Wagyu steaks on that new grill he got for Christmas.

If you ever want melt in your mouth steak. If you, like me, love rib eye then wagyu will be beyond your wildest dreams. The very first bite will make you a changed person.

I know I ask you to trust me .. an awful lot.

But I’m only saying it for your own good. I know things. You should just trust me.

Plus, I promise to eat it first.

On to the Rings. During that 7 month cruise TG went on he happend to pick me up a couple of things.

Ok. A few things. Including these things.


Wanna hear something super duper sweet.

I mean this is gonna cause some major cavity/root canal damage, folks.

He had something inscribed in the engagement ring.


Can you see what it says? Even if you could, it is very possible that some of you may not even know what it means.

It says “SARANG HAE.” Which is “I Love You” in Korean.

I can hear the “AWWWWwwwsss” right now.

And, Yup. In case you were wondering…

That’s exactly what she said.