8 Miles didn’t seem like such a big deal. I’ve managed to walk/jog 5 miles before.

Of course this was several years and a few less body aches ago.

Umm.. Aunty? I think 5 AM is a little too early for pictures.

Like I said… 8 Miles didn’t seem like such a big deal. Until I passed Mile 5 and then realized I still had quite a bit left.

It made it easier doing this with friends though.

The back end of 20,000 runner/walkers

Specifically, my friend KTK, is one of the very few people I still talk to from college. And she still lives here, which makes this whole (walk with a friend) walking 8 Miles thing enjoyable and convenient.

That and Starbucks.

Torture .. I mean FUN .. with friends

At about mile 5, KTK’s husband decided he wanted to run the rest of the way. With the girls.

We heard he raced another dad in a double stroller with toddler aged kids.

Men. Go figure.

PK and the girls finished a second before KTK and I

Cute kids are great photo props

I have to give a whole heck of a lot of props and love to TG. I invited my friends over after the walk for pizza and beer. TG cleaned up the house and got everything presentable for my return.

He really is the best. I am so very fortunate to have him around. I’m absolutely certain this is my definition of Love.

Before I end this post …The girls would like to say something:

Who’s happy that walk is over?

Madi throws up her arms in triumph!

Who could care less and would rather play with her toes?

Kati grabs her toes to feign interest at such an absurd question