Hey There. I got my  nails done yesterday. I felt like death (just one of those weird 24 hour stomach bugs) yesterday but I had to get it done.

And here is Dante. He’s a crucial part of this story. So just in case you forgot about this adorable puppy son of mine, here he is. Cute and FLUFFY!

Dante. Chill.

I decided that a regular manicure was not going to work for the full week I would be on vacation.

Oh! Hey ..TG & I are going to Colorado to celebrate our honeymoon. Yes. Its late. Yes, we haven’t had the ceremony/reception yet either. But I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to get some snowboarding in for the season.  Thanks to my bad-ass (totally awesome) sister and also totally radical bro-in-law, we will be staying at the Sheraton in Avon, CO. (My sis and bro-in-law’s wedding present to me and TG)

Anyways. Back to the nails.

There’s a new thing in nails. It’s call Shellac. And it’s supposed to last up to 14 days. I’m testing it out. Considering a regular manicure only lasts until I bump my nail against the stupid light/fan as its drying. (Translation: I never leave the nail salon with a perfect manicure).

Red Glitter Shellac

These are my new shiny nails. I’m very excited about the possibility of it lasting up to 14 days!

Oh. See the picture of that cute Fluffy dog in the back? Yeah. My little boy. My fluffy, cute, adorably little puppy? Also known as Jumper, Digger, Biter of Fences and overall Anxiety Ridden Terror?

Just as the girl was finishing up my nails. I got a phone call from a very nice young man who informed me that he had Dante.

Background: Dante had escaped the very spacious backyard a couple of days ago through a 3 inch space between the house and the fence. So TG nailed some lattice to barricade little fluffy to which my cute little white ball of fluffiness is so darn smart, he taught himself how to dig. He dug a hole big enough to fit his body under the fence and make another break for it.

Luckily, TG was close to the house at the time. An entirely different way to look at it is that Dante has made it quite easy to meet the new neighbors.

I guess that’s a good way to break the ice, huh? Find yourself a runner. Or give me a call and I’ll let you borrow Dante.