Thanks to my sister and bro-in-law, TG and I stayed at the Sheraton Mountain Vista villas in Avon, Colorado. Gorgeous villas/rooms and so easily accessible to everything you could possibly need. We had a full kitchen. I made breakfast just about every day.

But if you’re driving from Denver, along the mountain are loads of beautiful buildings at the base of the Rockies which included chateaus, villas, log cabbins, resorts and vacation homes.

I was introduced to the hipstamatic app for the iPhone by my friends and I haven’t taken a regular picture since.

I want to stay here next time

I miss the snow. I know most of you will tell me I’m crazy and to an extent, sure .. why the heck not. I love snowboarding and snow and bundling up and sitting in front of a fire place after a really cold and snowy day.

I’m gonna have to start having a serious discussion with TG about buying into a vacation home here.

If you’ve ever wanted to go and have never been, I would highly recommend taking a visit. Not only for the amazing resorts but also for the locally brewed beers.

OH .. right .. You didn’t think I’m come all the way out to Colorado and not sample the beers. Did you?

Come on. You know me better than that.