You know .. I haven’t been to the gym in a month.

I really think I need to start up on that routine again. I’m pretty sure my clothes would appreciate it.

Sometimes you should listen to your body. Most times.

Organic. Super Green Building. Lark burger.

Especially the times when you somehow manage to stuff your face while on your honeymoon in a foreign land.

Let’s call this land .. Colorado.

The Logo

Or when you’re patroning a totally wind powered establishment that only uses biodegradable corn utensils. This such place is called .. Larkburger. Though the burger wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, I am pretty sure it was the truffle aioli that pulled me in. And the fact that it was like totally wind powered.

That board tells you everything

Burgers are one thing .. but Venison carpaccio is something else all together. Mmmmm…

Venison. Radish. Creme Fraiche. Arugula and Pumpernickle croutons. Wow.

But first they brought out this amazing spread of goodness. It’s a mixture of anchovie, parsley, garlic, capers and olive oil and yummy fantastic goodness that you eat with the bread they bring to the table.

TG doesn't like anchovies but he really enjoyed this.

One of my favorite places was where TG took me. He used to eat lunch here atleast 3 times a week when he worked in Denver. I was slightly skeptical because I’ve lived in Los Angeles, dangit! I’ve had real Mexican food. And yet, I was introduced to a little hole in the wall gem right in the middle of Downtown Denver.

Carne asada taco con cilantro, cebolla y salsa roja!

La Abeja is a family run joint. A restaurant and a panadaria (bakery). They make everything fresh. The carnitas and carne asada tacos were amazing. The salsa (both red and green) where FANTASTIC!

Still warm out of the oven. TG made me share.

And then the owner brought a piece of freshly made cake. On the house. My mind was set. I love this place. I wanted so badly to stop here on Sunday before we flew out but we ran out of time.

We will definitely have to go there again.

I need to try the burritos. TG said so.