Let me take you back to the very first time I tried Fat Tire, which was New Belgium’s 2nd beer .. the first was Abbey (See! I did pay attention!).

One of the stops on the beer tour

My friends and I went camping in Fresno. Weird, right? Camping in Fresno?

Yes. Camping. Floating/hurdling down a river. Fire. Beer.

Camping Heaven.

We ran out of our stash in a couple of hours so I meandered over to the convenience store on the grounds and picked up a 6 pack of Fat Tire. The packaging drew me in. I love the packaging.


Then I popped one open and decided from that point on that Fat Tire (especially while camping) was my heaven.

So you can imagine the thrill I got when TG told me that Fat Tire is brewed by New Belgium who happens to be in Colorado .. in Ft. Collins, actually. And you can probably imagine my overly excited asian clapping/happy dance when he told me he had booked us on a tour!

Mighty Arrow

Here are some photos of the tour. Also, if you happen to be traveling to Ft. Collins, CO and you want to go on this most amazing tour, go to the New Belgium website, book it and prepare yourself to sample some mighty fine beer. (note: you, like me, may actually consider moving to and getting a job at the brewery after you take the tour .. just a warning!)

First stop

Please enjoy.

Bicycle Rims. Art.

Bicycles Hanging. Art.

Third Stop. Fat Tire tasting.

Nature break.

Did you know that each New Belgium employee is gifted with a brand new bicycle on their one year anniversary? 

This strange new world called Colorado. They are a bike riding people.  Even in like 20 degree weather (or probably colder that but right now my mind can’t fathom anything below that).

They are an interesting people .. of Colorado.

They even offer selzter to clean your palate.

Selzter on tap.

The very last stop before the tasting room (where you get to sample even more beer) was this wall of Love.

Making Our Love and Talent Manifest

If you ever happen to be in the Ft. Collins area this should definitely be one of your stops. It truly made my day.

Love TG. Planning ahead isn’t his forte (it’s mine) … but I love that he took the time to plan ahead and make the reservations. Thanks TG!