Whilst on my honeymoon in the land which is called Colorado, I had an opportunity to meet up with a couple of my friends from NYC.

I got this same face almost 2 years ago

My first friends in NYC, actually. (This does not include my sister’s friends in NYC)

We met when I locked myself (stupid slam locks) out of my apartment. I had just brought Dante and his son home (after rescuing them) and then I went and locked them in my apartment. Without a key. But most importantly, without a phone.

So when the elevator door opened and I made eye contact with Cat (frantic/crazy eye contact) and asked her if she had a phone (duh!) and despite the hysterical/frantic/crazy eyed thing she let me use her phone. After that, I knew we’d be friends.


As I sat there, frantically waiting for my sister to arrive with the spare key, Noonan continued to offer me coffee. I continued to refuse. It was awesome. They are awesome.

So while TG and I were in Colorado, we met up with my friends for a fun filled day of skiing and boarding.

Reunion on the slope (Beaver Creek)

Fun times continued on to the bar.

That sounds about right, actually.

Even TG got in on the reunion action!

I finally got to meet Baxter. He has people eyes.  He also looks an awful lot like the fraggle rock dog. You know .. the one that tries to eat the fraggles?

Yeah. That one.

I don’t think Baxter goes fraggle hunting though. He doesn’t seem the type.

Let's not forget about Baxeter and his very expressive people eyes.

Awesome Event Notice: Noonan is moving to Hawaii! (ahem .. sorry Cat)