Due to the unfortunate turn of events (ie: complete FAIL) on my part to take photos of anything but empty dishes, I have had to resort to asking friends to send me pictures .. ANY pictures .. of the party.

Dante. not Dumbo.

Good thing I’ve got friends with camera phones. Dante, Dancing and Rockband. None of which I actually took.

Thank you, Friends. I do so appreciate all of you.

Nanami dances, too




Yeah Squaz. I'm tawk'n to you...

You see that guy in the back (of the next picture)? Yup. That’s TG and I kinda like him.

There were a total of 3 one year olds at the party. One danced her little heart out during the Wii game, Just Dance 2. One tortured played with Dante and the other just chilled and people watched. She’s my kind of kid.

I'm on the phone Uncle David!

Thanks to all the people that came to eat food, drink beer and enjoy the company of other people.

Also, thanks for keeping yourselves entertained. Me and my weird stressy thing totally appreciate it.

ps: I left the counter totally cluttered (on purpose).


Lastly, Dante would like to thank all you kind souls who coddled and loved him. He will be eternally grateful. I will be eternally grateful if you promise to babysit him.

Dante's new babysitter