I’d like to start this post out by apologizing to all of you.

To anyone who reads this blog (whether you subscribed on your own or I forced you to), I am so very sorry.

These should not go together

This is absolutely the worse idea ever. I’m not saying it isn’t the most delicious but I will tell you that once you’ve had it, you will dream of it.

Again and again and again.

Fried donuts. My mom used to make them when we were little. Although she would toast them in the toaster oven, she used the ingredients. The whole two ingredients.

One Donut (you'll want more .. trust me)

Although my mom won’t admit to knowing anything about this monstrosity. Like when she acts so confused when one of us suggests vienna sausage, eggs and rice for breakfast. She always asks us where we learned to eat this stuff.

We only had one mom and she’s the only one who made breakfast for the first 10 years of my life. Take a guess. I love my Mom’s selective memory.

Carefully cut donut

Carefully cut the donut in half. Through the center. Then you want to take a small pat of butter and melt it in a frying pan.

Do you see where this is going? Man, I hope so.

It gets better.

After you place the donut in the pan (inside side down .. into the butter) on medium heat, grab yourself a cup of coffee. You’re going to want one to have with breakfast this morning.

Trust me.

I ❤ our coffee machine!

That should be enough time for your donuts to get nice and browned on one side. You’ll want to flip them over at this point. Just for a few seconds. Then plate the donut halves and serve with a cup of coffee.

This is a love/hate sort of thing...

I’d love to tell you that I didn’t actually eat the fried donut this morning. I’d love to tell you that I only did this to show you foods you should go out of your way to avoid. I’d also love to tell you that I’ve been very diligent in my uber successfull plan to get back on track and start exercising again.

All these things I would love to tell you. But I don’t want to lie to you.

Because I care about you and because I truly believe you all have the will power not to eat this every day of your lives, I wanted to share it with you. And it really is THAT good.

I promise.