This past weekend I flew to Maui to celebrate my friend’s birthday. It was a big birthday.

Big Daddy & A-Dub

And no. I am not going to say which birthday, just that it was one of those significant ones.

They were staying at the Fairmont Kea Lani on the west coast of Maui.  

Water slides are for the little and big kids!

They have a water slide. That screams family friendly. They also do scuba diving lessons.

As a certified diver (in desperate need of a renewal) this isn’t like real diving. A quick 30 minute lesson on how a tank hooks up to your regulator does not mean you are a certified diver. 

Ok. Just say’n. But its fun and quick and since you’ll be on vacation, go ahead. Call yourself a scuba diver.

I promise not to make fun of you.

Ok. I promise not to make fun of you for too long. 

I am not a name dropper. I’m really not. But when I found out this lady happens to be friends with A-Dub and Big Daddy, I had to take a picture and I had to let you all know. Though some of you wouldn’t know or necessarily care, once I tell you who she is, you’ll know exactly why I care.

Incognito picture taking. Hopefully.

That’s Sarah Tenaglia Taverner and her husband Todd. She’s the former Senior Editor of Bon Appetit magazine.

HOLY CRAP! I met the Senior Editor of Bon Appetit magazine! And she asked me what I had made for the housewarming! And she asked me what I thought about the food from the night before. And I want to be her friend. And and .. I have so many more ands but I don’t want her to check my blog and think I’d maybe accidentally stalk her. Plus she’s friends with my friends. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t cross that line.

Wow. Thank goodness I talked myself out of that one!

Ok. Back to the rest of the story.

I had an amazing weekend with some really good friends.

Happy Birthday, A-Dub! Its better this year than it was back that year. Just remember that Lady!

She hates this pic. But I got a tan!