A-Dub and Big Daddy .. Beachside.

Between the two of them they have 3 girls. A 17 year old, a 13 year old and an 11 year old. The 17 year old used to come to the office occassionaly. We’d talk soccer and she’d bring me cute giraffe coffee cups that she had painted at Color-Me-Mine. Long gone are the painted giraffe coffee mugs.

BB & E

When the 13 year old was younger she was really shy (still is) and I would barely see her .. outside of the obligatory “hi”. She’s still very shy and what makes it worse (for her) is that we all .. adults included .. spent most of the time making fun of the fact that she’s not this little kid anymore.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for my own kids .. I’m gonna embarass the heck out of them!

Tay. I seriously have no idea who this girl is.

The 11 year old I’ve known since she was 4 or something ridiculous. Back when she had chubby cheeks and a super high baby voice (she sorta still has that) but now she’s 11 and if she had a couple more inches on her, she’d be able to outswim her Auntie Julia and leave her in the .. dust? or water?

Plus she’s got endurance on her side. And she only has to drag 60 lbs through the water.

I’m not gonna tell you what I have to drag through the water.

It’s just rude of you to ask. *ahem*

Bay. She's gonna out swim me soon.

They are definitely not babies or little girls anymore.

The best/funniest part of the weekend was hearing the 17 year old exclaim to her father that .. “I’m 17! I’m almost 18! I’m not a baby anymore!!!” I laughed. Out Loud. And told her I remember making that exact same speech.

And although my timing may have not been the best (the middle of the 17 year old’s rant) I had to say it. Because amongst all the teenage angst, I found levity in a speech that is made by every teenage girl nearing young adulthood. I look forward to laughing at my own children make the same speech.

Man. I’m gonna have fun.