I’m a sucker for fire.

I like when they light up my food.

Liquid Fire

That doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be the best tasting thing in the world but lighting something on fire definitely makes it taste a little better.

Pouring Fire

That’s just something I tell myself so that I can order anything that says “Flambè” on the menu.

We went to Nick’s at the Fairmont Kea Lani and for our dessert course we had Strawberry Panatini.

I’m going to be honest with you. This wasn’t the “O-Ma-Gahd this is so Fantastic” dessert that I had hoped for but there was fire. It didn’t make up for the overly tart strawberries but there was artistry and showmanship and I like those two things when they accompany my food.

Plate. Three Ways.

The best way to eat a strawberry (this is going to be one of those Trust Me discussions) is with brown sugar and sour cream.

They called it Devonshire cream (though I am almost certain you can replace it with sour cream), along with some Maui brown sugar and chocolate sauce to decorate the plates.

Strawberries on fire!

All in all, I’d rather have fresh strawberries dipped in sour cream and dunked in a huge bowl of brown sugar. But for the show factor, you could get this dessert. Just don’t expect for it to taste as good as it will look.

On another note and not entirely off center, there are some dishes that I absolutely love prepared tableside (with fire). If you ever get the opportunity to get Steak au poivre (steak, peppercorns and cognac cream sauce) or Banana’s Foster (bananas, caramel and rum served over ice cream) or even Crepe Suzette (crepe, sugar and Grand Marnier), which was my very first flambèed dish, you definitely should.

Great. It’s 10:30 in the morning and all I want to eat right now is a big ol’ hunk of beef smothered in a cognac cream sauce.

Ok. I just looked up the calories for said steak.

I’ll just stick with my black coffee.

View from inside the pool

Now I will tell you that I did have a few things that I will definitely be replicating at home.

One of which was the Orea Cookie shake (the kids got one .. I tried it .. I almost drank the whole shake when they decided it was safe to leave with Auntie Julia).

Kahlua Choco Peanut Butter yumminess

Another one of those things was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup shake. With a shot of Kahlua.

bright blue cabana

Preferrably, poolside.

On a lounge chair.

In a bright blue cabana.

Because that’s how I roll.