Henna tatts.

tatt guy

Just about the same price as a regular one but as a parent you have peace of mind knowing that in a week, it’ll go away.

Atleast I think you do.

Or .. you could look at it as you are spending just as much money for a tattoo that will fade so you might as well let your kid get the real deal.

And you still think I should have kids?

The girls got tatts. The design got bigger depending on the age of the girl. Respectively.

Bay done. Now Tay.


Of course, I wouldn’t let my kids get a real tattoo. Under the age of 18, at least.

I’d probably go on and on and on about the potential risks and life time of regret from getting one.

or three.

But I digress.

This isn’t about regret. It’s about spring break. And non permanent henna tattoos.

And sorta about a henna dude, named Justin Drew at the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel in Wailea Maui.

"Shaka" Henna dude.