After I made the decision to rechedule the wedding I sort of pushed everything back.

When I say “sort of pushed” I actually mean I shoved and kicked it into a little tiny corner of my mind where I wouldn’t ever have to look at it. And that’s exactly where it went.

Until I opened up this drawer at work and looked inside. The little tiny corner of my mind is in a file cabinet at work.

Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

Bagged cranes.

Does anyone remember the last count on those cranes? Well, whatever it was, it hasn’t changed.

And of course, I’ve forgotten how to fold them.

I will now list several reasons why I am not going to finish folding 1001 cranes.

1. I am not Japanese Hawaiian.
2. I am Korean Hawaiian (and as far as I know .. please don’t tell me otherwise … we don’t do this)
3. I forgot how to fold cranes out of little square pieces of paper
4. I have enough to make what I want to make out of the 700 + cranes that I’ve already folded
5. When I decided to push everything back into that little corner and bring it back to the front later. Well, it kind of totally backfired on me
6. I had everything finalized, August last year, and now I’m questioning my favor choices

and the last reason is ..

7. See #1 and #2. and maybe # 3, 4, 5 .. oh shoot.

You get my point.

(Apology Disclaimer: Sorry TG! I know you’ve been dreaming of seeing all 1001 cranes .. but I’m not superstitious, nor are either of us Japanese Hawaiian. And most importantly, I’m still looking forward to forever with you.. even without those darn cranes)

It’s a good thing I’ve already locked in those vendors.

Nick Pugay is our photographer.

Nick Pugay. Wedding Photographer.

 Kathy Mahone of Aloha Cakery is doing our cake.

We’ve got Sounds to Go Hawaii doing our music.

My uber talented brother-in-law, Derrick “Taiger” Apana-Williams is MCing the event.

Team Flaunt will be doing hair and make-up.

Lastly and certainly not least, we will be married by Reverend Greg Christopherson of Honolulu.

Who knows what type of indecision hell I’d be in right now if I hadn’t already made deposits with these vendors (not my bro-in-law .. he’s obligated by family law .. heh) early last year.

Yay for Proper Planning!