A year ago today, my boyfriend called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch.

A year ago today, I got married.

On my lunch break.

Dipping in Idaho

The past year has had its many ups and downs. More than I can even count.

  1. I became a Married Lady. Weird.
  2. I call my father-in-law, Pops.
  3. I met some family people in Idaho. And found out Idaho has a wine region!
  4. I became a … stepmom. (WTH?)
  5. TG went on a 7 month deployment.
  6. TG came back and we had a lot of stuff to figure out.
  7. TG eats more Korean food than I do. And my mom loves it.
  8. I got to buy a whole bunch of new furniture because we moved into Navy Housing.
  9. Learning to communicate in married speak is totally different from what you’d think.
  10. We’re still learning to communicate. And getting better every day. 

    We jumped.


The ride is still going. Decisions are still being made.

A future with only 750 cranes, give or take 3.

The future is still something to look forward to. A future that doesn’t consist of 1001 cranes but an amazing future, nontheless.

I love you TG.

Happy 1 year Anniversary!