I think if you do it more than once .. it’s like ..a tradition. Right?

Pretty much all Green. All the time.

Last year we went to the Big Island for a shared birthday with Pops (TG’s dad) and myself. This year, TG and I went to Kauai for some much needed relaxation and Island discovery-ing.

We went all around and stopped in several towns on a whole 1/2 a tank of gas.

Let me get a fist-bump-raise-the-roof-thingy for the fuel efficient Ford Fusion. Coming from me (the Toyota Queen) that is saying an awful lot.

Back to the Island. It’s not that big. But it is definitely beautiful.

Dolphin House garden seating. Our View.

We stopped at a few eating establishments. Some more worthwhile than others.

Tahitian Ceviche? or Tahitian Poke?

I had the most amazing ceviche. Also, I’m not sure it is fair to call it ceviche. The fish was still raw. It had lemon grass and coconut cream. And they called it Tahitian ceviche. So wouldn’t it be more like a Tahitian Poke?

Please discuss.

We also went ziplining with Kauai Backcountry Adventures! The tour was made so much cooler by the awesome tour guides. We went with Asher, Kai and Steven that day. They were hiliarious and really did make the trip so very cool.

Clockwise: Kai (the break), View from 5, break, View from top of 2.

On another note (sort of related to zipline tour but not hardly): They set up a make your own sandwich bar after the tour. TG and I both discovered we really like alfalfa sprouts with our sandwiches. Love them, actually. Definitely have to buy sprouts for future sandwich fixins!

There are also less adrenaline infused activities to partake in while in Kauai. Well, it really does depend on how competitive you are. We found this great miniature golf course that was in an actual botanical garden. Lots of fun and really not a bad deal if you want to do something without actually doing something.

Asian Peace Sign is everywhere folks!

Ah. Did you want a closer look at the score card? Suffice it to say, I do not take after my dad when it comes to golf. Actually .. I’m sure TG let me cheat a little so I’m even worse than what the score card says. But please note the hole-in-one on the 7th hole! Oh YEAH!

It says 8 strokes .. but in reality it was probably double that.

Birthdays aren’t so bad as you get older. I know there are a lot of people who freak out about getting older. I don’t.

I do freak out when I get a new body ache. And my hips hurt the day after ziplining. And maybe when you have to hike down to jump 3 and your knees ache so bad that you’re debating scooting along the mud on your butt. But outside of that .. I don’t mind getting older.

And because I’m older than 21. And because I’m at the right age where you can actually be flattered to get carded. And because I just like good beer.

 I attribute my fondess for good beers to my age. Cheaper isn’t the criteria anymore. So getting older isn’t so bad, is it. Also, it helps to have a job. Not everyone has a wonderful husband who understands and also appreciates beer. TG talks about beer like most people talk about wine.

Don’t tell him I said that though .. it might ruin his reputation of “My favorite beer is an open beer.”

Birthday lunches with a sampling of beers from Waimea Brewing Company are great. But sharing that time (and beer) with that special guy in your life is even better.