We celebrated and honored.

Well, first TG and I went to Sunday Mass at Pearl Harbor to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord.

After church we packed up his son, CB (I have a step son and it’s just weird), and went to brunch with my parents.

Then we spent the rest of the day honoring those sailors forever lost in the depths of the harbor from which their ship sank. We went to the USS Arizona. Got a little bit of history in and a tiny boat ride.

This is what we did on Easter Sunday 2011. Yes. 2 months ago.

I know I could’ve lied to you and made this post about any day. But I am acknowledging my flaws and my forgetfulness.

Or something like that.

Boat ride. USS Arizona.

The Front.

In Memorium.

Finally, here is a picture of TG and his son, CB. We don’t get to see CB that often, maybe twice a year. I know TG misses him a whole bunch. We will get to see him in August, during his big brother’s wedding at the end of the month. And although I know that isn’t enough time for TG, I do know he is thankful for every moment he does get to spend with his younger son.

Father and Son.