As most of you already know, I started a garden. My very first. With TG’s help. He got it all set up and built and I just added the soil, fertilizer and seeds.


Please try to ignore the white paws coming from the left side of the picture. I layed the seeds out on Dante’s ottoman.

And he didn’t budge.

Not even an eyelash.

I know absolutely nothing about gardening. I am quite surprised things are going as well as they are. Except for a little something I found out a week ago.

Devastating news

I went to homedepot last night. I had to ask. So I took a picture in the morning and by about 6 PM, I learned that I was growing weeds in my little vegetable garden.

I repeat:

Newb. Totes.

But I do have some really awesome things growing. Things that I absolutely love.

Beets & Arugula and Cilantro (back left) & Basil (back right)

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Heirloom Tomatoes (I can't remember the name)

Still no luck on the Parsley, Onion and Chives. I am planning on planting some more seeds in their own containers. Then we’ll see how it goes.

This is how it has gone for me (Super Newb Gardener). And I have to say it has been an excellent and enjoyable learning process. I like it and now I get it. I didn’t understand how rewarding growing your own vegetables can be but the fact that I can plan my dinner tonight of a left over chopped beef sandwich with some fresh arugula is pretty great.

I can’t wait for the tomatoes to come in. Those are going to make killer sandwich accoutrements!