Let me preface this post by stating that I never hardly ever make mac n cheese from the box. Since I learned how to make it from scratch, I just never feel the need. BUT, having said that, I’m sure you’re probably wondering where I got the two boxes for this recipe.

Well, TG likes this stuff. He likes the blue box and I don’t mind it much because he is usually the one to make it. And we have 12 boxes of it.

Lesson: This is what happens when you buy in bulk.

So now, we’re down to 10. 

Have you ever wondered what else you can make with leftover steak? The possibilities are endless, really. I decided (since we have an obscene amount of blue box) to make this tribute to a few of my favorite Steak House sides.

Mac N Cheese and Creamed Spinach.

Sorry about the exact measurement (or lack there of). This is more or less a throw-everything-into-the-pot and consume-it’s-cheesy-goodness type of thing.

The ingredients consist of: 2 blue boxes, 1/2 cup milk, 8 tbls of butter (the blue box calls for margarine. I hardly ever buy margarine because I bake. A lot. So I typically only have unsalted butter. Play with it. Add salt if you need .. though I didn’t find it necessary because my steak was pretty well seasoned). 

You’ll need about 1 1/2 cups of steak, chopped into cubes.

Note: At this point, if you have a spouse like I do, you may want to discard all the fatty pieces. If I don’t, TG might spend a good part of the meal picking out the fatty pieces of meat and that’s just no bueno. So do yourself a favor and do it before you throw it into the pot. Do it because you care and love him/her so very much. Even if YOU love the flavor melty fat .. do it anyway. Trust me.

1 heaping cup of frozen chopped spinach (no need to defrost or squeeze the ever living water out of it .. super easy) and 1 finely minced clove of garlic. Also. I happened to have some blue cheese in my fridge and added a few crumbles for additional flavor.

Boil the noodles (no salt in the water ..the powdered orange stuff has plenty of sodium). We’re going for al dente since it will continue to cook so definitely don’t overcook the noodles. Drain them throw them back into the pot. Now turn back the dial to low on your burner. Add the minced garlic, butter (sliced into 1 tbl pats) and milk. Stir it around.

Take a break and smell the wonders of garlic and butter. Yum.

Then add the packet of cheese. Stir it around. Try to incorporate it as well as you can.

Dump in the frozen spinach. Stir it around a bit. Add your chopped steak. Stir that around, too.

Grab yourself  a glass of wine. Or maybe you want a beer. Or heck .. good ol fashion water will work good, too.

You’re basically waiting for the spinach to cook through.

Add the crumbled blue cheese right before plating.

Next time I’ll throw this together with some mac n cheese from scratch.

But in the meantime, please bask in the bright orange glow of a childhood favorite… kicked up a few knotches.