I realize I haven’t posted since like way before the wedding. And I am almost certain some of you have waited for the professional pictures to be posted.

or not.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve been diligently working on getting all these things ready for your viewing pleasure. I’d like to be able to say that my life and world have been consumed by the hyper glow/color of wedded bliss. This is not to discount the awesomeness of “wedded bliss.” But the truth is, we went back to work and life.

And I went back to sitting in front of  a computer for most of the day and working on various marketing collateral for the company that currently owns my soul.

*For my co-workers/friends that might be reading this .. I’m just kidding! What are blogs without drama? I tell ya?*

I’ve also been going to physical therapy for my neck. I’ve been having problems for years now and just decided to get it checked. I’m happy to tell you that mobility is better and range of motion is up about 40 degrees. Also, I’ve learned that my posture sucks. I check myself all day and I realized that I am only really good for about a minute (each time I re-sit) until I start slouching or crossing my legs in my chair.

And then? And then I totally blamed it on being Korean. Yup. I know…

Luckily, my physical therapist is Korean (I only just found this out today .. weird. right?) and so he almost understood. Almost. He also gives me funny “dance moves” to help strengthen/elongate spine/neck blah blah blah.

I’m just going to blame everything on being Korea. Here are some examples:

I’m Angry = I’m Korean
I’m Short = I’m Korean
I love Kimchi = I’m Korean
I Have Sucky Posture = I’m Korean
I Can’t Eat Spicy Food = I’m a Bad Korean
I suck at Math = Yeah .. I don’t know either