Here’s a funny story. Sorta. Did you know that I’ve been married 3 times and never divorced? Yeah. It’s funny in a confusing, minorly upsetting and slightly pricey kind of way.

The first time TG and I got married was on April 28, 2010. We did this before his deployment. And so when he came back from deployment in February 2011, we had almost been married a year. During his 7 month deployment TG got undivorced to wifey #1. Only by paper. And the law. So he came back married to two women.

I hear thats legal in Utah. Anywho …

Moving forward. During the new divorce proceedings from wifey #1 we find out that the judge ordered TG to be remarried to her and unmarried to me. Oh. It get’s better folks. Just stay with me.

Our wedding ceremony and reception was scheduled for August 26, 2011. If you’re counting, that’s the 2nd time we got married. When we got back from Colorado (TG’s oldest son got married the same weekend), we were informed the divorce from wifey #1 went through on August 17th. Which means, that our second marriage (the one with the big party) could’ve been our legal marriage (x2). Unfortunately we weren’t informed of that until after getting back.

Last fast forward. I promise. On September 10, 2011 (9/10/11) the Rev who married us on August 26th, remarried us (legally) in his home.

In case you skipped part of the above.. TG and I are married. Legally. I’m still not sure which of the three dates I want to celebrate though. Maybe all 3?

Here are some photos from the Ceremony and Reception.

My cousin made the bouquets. She’s an Officer in the U.S. Army. She majored in two languages which really have nothing to do with anything. She specializes in chemical warfare. And she makes a gorgeous wedding bouquet.

Seriously. Who knew.
Of course Dante was in the wedding.

Dante was my ring bearer, along with my adorable flower girls (Needed mom to make sure Madison had a good hold on Dante).

New Family.

This is what you do with 1001 cranes. Actually .. this is what you do with 500 something cranes. The rest you put in a bag and figure out how the pros actually incorporate all 1001 cranes into 1 design.

I danced with my Dad.

TG danced with his Mom.

I danced the hula for TG.

The only time I cried teared up was during my sister’s (Matron of Honor) speech. I love my sister ya’ll. Seriously.

I seem to have an affinity for my goofy face wedding photos.  Just saying “HI” to our photographer, Nick Pugay of Nick Pugay Photography. He did such a fantastic job. We laughed together. A lot.

Good times with Friends and Family.

It’s a funny story, really.  Now we can choose which date to celebrate our anniversary. I’m glad we stuck it out though. Even if it took us 3 times.

Oh yeah. Thanks for your patience. I swear I keep meaning to post more frequently. And everytime I cook something I want to share it .. but my photos are horrible.

I plan on taking a digital photography class soon. In the near future. Maybe then I’ll learn how to use that SLR camera. Hopefully.