Around this time last year, I decided to bake gifts for Christmas. See  Christmas Baking Extravaganza (aka: learn to cut back when necessary). I didn’t just bake a few cookies. I baked for a full week.

And I was so tired.

So this year, instead of the ridiculous goals of yesteryear, I decided to bake 8 different cookies. I only did 7. Not bad. I’ve learned my lesson.

My cookie list consisted of the following cookies: Cocoa Crinkles, Lemon Coconut Pixies, Rumballs (because everyone working in an office needs some holiday cheer), Chewy Gingerbread cookies, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Butterscotch Pecan and my favorite (renamed .. Thanks TG) Ninja Stars!

I have photographic proof that I actually baked 7 different cookies this year.

For the most part they all turned out pretty good.

Someone challenged me to make a stronger rumball.

I did. I did by not measuring the rum. I just poured.

Poured with abandon.

And it burned going down. Apparently some people really like the burn.

I wasn’t a big fan of the Cocoa Crispy’s at first but I had a couple this morning for breakfast, and they weren’t too bad.

Yes. I had cookies for breakfast.

Don’t judge.

I made a classic Chocolate Chip Walnut from Savory Sweet Life’s Blog. They turned out just heavenly.

I also made a Butterscotch Pecan cookie from She Wears Many Hat’s Blog. A variation of it, at least.

I had intended to make stained glass cookies with snowflake cutouts. I did infact cut out snowflake almond vanilla sugar cookies. And I did poke a hole through it and I did put some crushed lifesaver candies inside said puka (hole in Hawaiian).

The cookie came out less like a stained glass cookie (it was kind of thick and so was the melted candy) and more like a really cool Ninja Star!

That’s what I’m telling everyone.

And they all believe me.

Actually. TG gave me the name. He saw how disappointed I was and said to me: “No way! They’re so cool! They look like Chinese Throwing Stars.”

Chinese Throwing Stars. I like it.  Hmm… But Ninja’s are like way way cool. So the name got changed to Ninja Star Cookies!

I made the Lemon Coconut Pixies last year and decided to make them this year because I really liked them. They’re probably my favorite of the bunch.

Of course I didn’t take pictures of the final basket. BUT my friend Myko took some pictures of a box that I made for the other side of the office.

I’m gonna get the hang of this taking pictures of everything thing.

One day.

Until then, Happy Holiday Baking and Eating!