We take Dante to two different day cares. One of those day cares is Aloha Dog in Honolulu.

They post photos on their Facebook page to update the clients.

Now, on a typical day, Dante can usually be found sleeping. By himself.

But on this day, they caught him actually sharing the sofa they have in the middle of the room.

This is totally unheard of, by the way.

Let me give you a back story: One day I picked him up and they actually asked me (well .. more told me) that Dante doesn’t like other dogs.

The Answer: Sort of. Maybe. Kind of. Mostly.

Look, he doesn’t like spazzy dogs. He doesn’t like dogs around him when he’s in his space. He doesn’t like it when dogs try to grab “his” ball. He doesn’t like it when he’s leaned up on a person and another dog comes around. When I say come around .. I mean within 4 feet of him and said person. He’s got issues.

We know. But he’s still cute.

I guess one day they came at him with a brush.

He’s really pretty good about the grooming thing. I promise. He doesn’t really make much of a fuss when it comes to bathing or brushing.

The only thing I know is that  he doesn’t do well when confined in a crate. Bad things happen in small spaces.

Apparently he wasn’t feel’n the brush down, either. Notice that he doesn’t put up a fight.

I like to call it Silent reluctance. or Reluctant acceptance.

or OMG .. if I lean into the couch any more, it might suck me in so she will stop brushing me.

At least that’s what I imagined was going through his head.