There is most definitely a very good reason there is no “After” picture of the stew I made this weekend.

I started out really good though. I mean, I actually bothered to set everything up. I took pictures.

I took a lot of pictures.

I DID NOT take a picture of the wine. Or the water. Because they were after thoughts.

Right? Wine? After thought? Ok. Seriously.

The only reason any wine went into the stew was because I wanted a glass. To drink.

And it just felt better sharing my libation with the pot of stew I was making.

I’m super thoughtful, guys.

I chopped up potatoes, carrots and onions in a large dice.

I started browning off the meat. Removed. Then went in to brown the veges.

A large pinch of salt (had to add more later) and several (aka: lots and lots) turns of the good ol peppermill.

Stirred it around. Added the meat back in to the pot. Then went in with the liquids.

Now this is the reason I don’t have pictures of the finished product.

I’ve made stew a couple of times. The last time was probably 5 or 6 years ago. But I’ve been cooking long enough to know that potatoes will not stand up to long cook times without turning into semi mush.

And yet. That is exactly what I did.

I wanted the meat to get nice and tender. I wanted the potatoes and carrots to keep their shape. I wanted it to be a wonderful wintry flavorful beef stew.  And I wanted it to look pretty.

Well, at least it tasted good.

TG loved it. I even served it to him with a disclaimer about it not being right ..  the potatoes and the carrots were mooshy and the meat wasn’t all fall apart tender because I couldn’t cook it any longer or the potatoes and carrots would’ve totally disintegrated.

and I suck at making stew …

But TG really enjoyed it. He even said it was made perfectly.

I guess it’s because he likes mooshy potatoes.