This year, we decided not to have a Super Bowl Party (“SB”).

Especially with TG no longer drinking (future PSA ..), we didn’t feel it necessary to have one.

But here’s the thing. I LOVE Super Bowl food. It’s bar food, essentially. Only you get to control what gets served.

Typically, if I have a SB party, I serve wings and various other “mandatory” SB foods. This time, because it was just going to be me, TG and a couple of my friends (who were more interested in eating than the game), I decided to scale back. A lot.

I made pico de gallo and guacamole. (Not pictured .. don’t ask why .. I just didn’t take a picture of it).

* I’d also like to mention that another reason I will miss living in Hawaii is because you don’t get year round avocados on the east coast. I know this for fact. I’ve lived on the east coast.

And no one has an avocado tree where during avocado season you are given way too many… but who cares because it was free and you are never without the luciousy-buttery-avocadoy awesomeness of the beautiful green fruit.  Oh Hawaii, how I will miss your wonderous fruits!

Umm.. what was I talking about?

Oh right. SB 2012 Menu.

I made Sesame Sea Salt soft pretzels. I know. It was so super easy! And TG’s favorite.

I think I might’ve used the wrong type of yeast but they still turned out really good!

I also made potato skins. But instead of bacon bits I put in chopped portugese sausage. Then I decided I wanted more color so I added some chopped red bell pepper.  Local style potato skins.

I didn’t make wings but I did make ribs. Fall of the bone (maybe too much falling) super moist, succulent and flavorful baby back ribs. First attempt. Wow. So good.

Even though we didn’t opt to have an actual party, I’m so glad I decided to make SB food anyway.

And how about them NY Giants!  Woo Hoo!