I take a lot of random pictures. Granted mostly of Dante but I do take photos of food I make/bake, too. Though I rarely take photos of the process that it takes to get to the final product.

Because I’m lame and forgetful. Mostly.

Here are some random photos I took last week.

Not all of Dante.

Mostly not all of Dante.

My friend went to an event and won a stick on mustache as one of her prizes. She graciously gave me the stache.

And then I realized just how much I look like my dad.

I made some banana nut cupcakes and decided I wanted to cover them in ganache. I didn’t want to do one type of ganache. So I did a glaze (dipped) and whipped. I’m partial to the whipped but really .. you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Dante has started jumping up on the bed to sleep. I should probably stop him but he’s so cute and cuddly. I make TG do it instead!

I finally used the cooling rack that TG got me for Christmas. And I made these amazing cookies using boxed cake mix. Reeses chips and walnuts.

I doubted but I was corrected. Thank you KK for such an amazing idea! Total winner in my semi-home made repertoire.

Next up. Spam.

I’m talking about the processed pork (maybe) that comes in a tin rectangular can. I love that stuff.

I made an eggs benedict (sorta .. not really) with it. Instead of ham/canadian bacon I used spam. Instead of hollandaise sauce I used creamed spinach spiked with cream cheese.  Of course it also had a perfectly poached egg under the creamy creamed spinach.  All this goodness layered on top of a butter toasted sliced baguette, sitting in a pool of cream of asparagus soup.

Leftovers from a steak dinner I had made the night before.

And uhh .. the obvious, half a slice of bacon. duh. Crispy because that’s the way I like my bacon.

Dante got a mohawk. He totally rocks it.

We had a fundraising silent auction for Aloha United Way. It’s our big charity that we do in the office.

I have donated cupcakes 2 years in a row . The first year I donated 2 dozen. This year, I decided to split it up and donate (2) 1 dozen cupcakes. Brought in double the money!

I’ve been madly inlove with the maple buttercream and bacon crumbles on a cupcake since I first had one. The not cloyingly sweetness and subtle flavor of the maple buttercream coupled with the salty smokey bacon crumbles is simply a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Seriously guys. FLAVOR explosion. Sounds weird. Sounds intimidating? But it’s for real.

And then ..I decided to drizzle them with caramel before sprinkling on the bacon.

Nothing else to see here folks.

Move along.

I also made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Sprinkled some sugar balls (note: not dragees! These won’t break your teeth when you bite into them) and some gold sugar chrystals. I was going for fancy and opulent. Gold and glittery balls of sugar speak on all kinds of level of opulence.

But especially on Valentines Day!

Hope you have a day filled with pink fondant hearts, red velvet cupcakes with adornments of gold and glittery balls of sugar (for opulence sake, that is)!

Happy Valentines Day!