We just had our very last hosted party earlier this month. Why our last? Because the United States Navy has decided we (TG & I) need to move to Virginia.


Oh Boy. This means that I will be leaving my home. My family and the wonderful friends I have here in Hawaii.

I took one picture. Using my iPhone because it is currently my only reliable camera.

Mostly because I have it on me all the time.

My friends have better cameras and/or they know how to use them.

So I’ve had to rely on the amazing photos they have provided to me.

The menu was fairly extensive but not as overwhelming as it had been done before. Plus lots of my friends brought food.

Photos were taken by SJ and Nan. And that very first picture?

Julia’s iPhone. heh.

Spending time with Friends.

Nothing can beat that.

Aloha friends! Until we meet again!