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After the military clinic denying me a direct path to an orthopedic doctor (they tried to get me to go to physical therapy), I went to my civilian PCP and he (Dr. Au .. probably one of the best BEST PCP’s I’ve ever had) referred me right away. I’m talking the next day, people.

Today I went and got a cortisone shot in my wrist. It had been hurting for several months now and I honestly have no idea how or exactly when it happened.

I was told by everyone I know that the shot is super painful but right after you feel so much better. Well, I’m still waiting for the so much better. It feels ok. Almost the same really. And the shot itself didn’t hurt.

Like at all.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t rainbows and unicorns but it wasn’t this horrible searing pain that was described to me either.

That being said, I think I feel a little jipped on the whole experience.

I should probably shut my face and be thankful I didn’t pass out from the pain. (Which I hear actually happens to some people! .. see!? Jipped!!)

Lastly, check out my nifty brace. It’s from a company called wrist widget. Made in Hawai`i!


I take a lot of random pictures. Granted mostly of Dante but I do take photos of food I make/bake, too. Though I rarely take photos of the process that it takes to get to the final product.

Because I’m lame and forgetful. Mostly.

Here are some random photos I took last week.

Not all of Dante.

Mostly not all of Dante.

My friend went to an event and won a stick on mustache as one of her prizes. She graciously gave me the stache.

And then I realized just how much I look like my dad.

I made some banana nut cupcakes and decided I wanted to cover them in ganache. I didn’t want to do one type of ganache. So I did a glaze (dipped) and whipped. I’m partial to the whipped but really .. you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Dante has started jumping up on the bed to sleep. I should probably stop him but he’s so cute and cuddly. I make TG do it instead!

I finally used the cooling rack that TG got me for Christmas. And I made these amazing cookies using boxed cake mix. Reeses chips and walnuts.

I doubted but I was corrected. Thank you KK for such an amazing idea! Total winner in my semi-home made repertoire.

Next up. Spam.

I’m talking about the processed pork (maybe) that comes in a tin rectangular can. I love that stuff.

I made an eggs benedict (sorta .. not really) with it. Instead of ham/canadian bacon I used spam. Instead of hollandaise sauce I used creamed spinach spiked with cream cheese.  Of course it also had a perfectly poached egg under the creamy creamed spinach.  All this goodness layered on top of a butter toasted sliced baguette, sitting in a pool of cream of asparagus soup.

Leftovers from a steak dinner I had made the night before.

And uhh .. the obvious, half a slice of bacon. duh. Crispy because that’s the way I like my bacon.

Dante got a mohawk. He totally rocks it.

We had a fundraising silent auction for Aloha United Way. It’s our big charity that we do in the office.

I have donated cupcakes 2 years in a row . The first year I donated 2 dozen. This year, I decided to split it up and donate (2) 1 dozen cupcakes. Brought in double the money!

I’ve been madly inlove with the maple buttercream and bacon crumbles on a cupcake since I first had one. The not cloyingly sweetness and subtle flavor of the maple buttercream coupled with the salty smokey bacon crumbles is simply a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Seriously guys. FLAVOR explosion. Sounds weird. Sounds intimidating? But it’s for real.

And then ..I decided to drizzle them with caramel before sprinkling on the bacon.

Nothing else to see here folks.

Move along.

I also made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Sprinkled some sugar balls (note: not dragees! These won’t break your teeth when you bite into them) and some gold sugar chrystals. I was going for fancy and opulent. Gold and glittery balls of sugar speak on all kinds of level of opulence.

But especially on Valentines Day!

Hope you have a day filled with pink fondant hearts, red velvet cupcakes with adornments of gold and glittery balls of sugar (for opulence sake, that is)!

Happy Valentines Day!

I realize I haven’t posted since like way before the wedding. And I am almost certain some of you have waited for the professional pictures to be posted.

or not.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve been diligently working on getting all these things ready for your viewing pleasure. I’d like to be able to say that my life and world have been consumed by the hyper glow/color of wedded bliss. This is not to discount the awesomeness of “wedded bliss.” But the truth is, we went back to work and life.

And I went back to sitting in front of  a computer for most of the day and working on various marketing collateral for the company that currently owns my soul.

*For my co-workers/friends that might be reading this .. I’m just kidding! What are blogs without drama? I tell ya?*

I’ve also been going to physical therapy for my neck. I’ve been having problems for years now and just decided to get it checked. I’m happy to tell you that mobility is better and range of motion is up about 40 degrees. Also, I’ve learned that my posture sucks. I check myself all day and I realized that I am only really good for about a minute (each time I re-sit) until I start slouching or crossing my legs in my chair.

And then? And then I totally blamed it on being Korean. Yup. I know…

Luckily, my physical therapist is Korean (I only just found this out today .. weird. right?) and so he almost understood. Almost. He also gives me funny “dance moves” to help strengthen/elongate spine/neck blah blah blah.

I’m just going to blame everything on being Korea. Here are some examples:

I’m Angry = I’m Korean
I’m Short = I’m Korean
I love Kimchi = I’m Korean
I Have Sucky Posture = I’m Korean
I Can’t Eat Spicy Food = I’m a Bad Korean
I suck at Math = Yeah .. I don’t know either

As most of you already know, I started a garden. My very first. With TG’s help. He got it all set up and built and I just added the soil, fertilizer and seeds.


Please try to ignore the white paws coming from the left side of the picture. I layed the seeds out on Dante’s ottoman.

And he didn’t budge.

Not even an eyelash.

I know absolutely nothing about gardening. I am quite surprised things are going as well as they are. Except for a little something I found out a week ago.

Devastating news

I went to homedepot last night. I had to ask. So I took a picture in the morning and by about 6 PM, I learned that I was growing weeds in my little vegetable garden.

I repeat:

Newb. Totes.

But I do have some really awesome things growing. Things that I absolutely love.

Beets & Arugula and Cilantro (back left) & Basil (back right)

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Heirloom Tomatoes (I can't remember the name)

Still no luck on the Parsley, Onion and Chives. I am planning on planting some more seeds in their own containers. Then we’ll see how it goes.

This is how it has gone for me (Super Newb Gardener). And I have to say it has been an excellent and enjoyable learning process. I like it and now I get it. I didn’t understand how rewarding growing your own vegetables can be but the fact that I can plan my dinner tonight of a left over chopped beef sandwich with some fresh arugula is pretty great.

I can’t wait for the tomatoes to come in. Those are going to make killer sandwich accoutrements!

With many generous donations, I was able to raise over $1500 for this great cause.

This is the second year in a row I have made the “Golden K Walker” status. Individuals who raise over $1000 get to claim this.

Thank you!

Colliers Monroe Friedlander was also awarded for being one of the corporate sponsors of the event.

Bobbie Lau and Chelsea Meyer. Represent!

Another great year. One amazing cause.

Thank you all for your support!

I think if you do it more than once .. it’s like ..a tradition. Right?

Pretty much all Green. All the time.

Last year we went to the Big Island for a shared birthday with Pops (TG’s dad) and myself. This year, TG and I went to Kauai for some much needed relaxation and Island discovery-ing.

We went all around and stopped in several towns on a whole 1/2 a tank of gas.

Let me get a fist-bump-raise-the-roof-thingy for the fuel efficient Ford Fusion. Coming from me (the Toyota Queen) that is saying an awful lot.

Back to the Island. It’s not that big. But it is definitely beautiful.

Dolphin House garden seating. Our View.

We stopped at a few eating establishments. Some more worthwhile than others.

Tahitian Ceviche? or Tahitian Poke?

I had the most amazing ceviche. Also, I’m not sure it is fair to call it ceviche. The fish was still raw. It had lemon grass and coconut cream. And they called it Tahitian ceviche. So wouldn’t it be more like a Tahitian Poke?

Please discuss.

We also went ziplining with Kauai Backcountry Adventures! The tour was made so much cooler by the awesome tour guides. We went with Asher, Kai and Steven that day. They were hiliarious and really did make the trip so very cool.

Clockwise: Kai (the break), View from 5, break, View from top of 2.

On another note (sort of related to zipline tour but not hardly): They set up a make your own sandwich bar after the tour. TG and I both discovered we really like alfalfa sprouts with our sandwiches. Love them, actually. Definitely have to buy sprouts for future sandwich fixins!

There are also less adrenaline infused activities to partake in while in Kauai. Well, it really does depend on how competitive you are. We found this great miniature golf course that was in an actual botanical garden. Lots of fun and really not a bad deal if you want to do something without actually doing something.

Asian Peace Sign is everywhere folks!

Ah. Did you want a closer look at the score card? Suffice it to say, I do not take after my dad when it comes to golf. Actually .. I’m sure TG let me cheat a little so I’m even worse than what the score card says. But please note the hole-in-one on the 7th hole! Oh YEAH!

It says 8 strokes .. but in reality it was probably double that.

Birthdays aren’t so bad as you get older. I know there are a lot of people who freak out about getting older. I don’t.

I do freak out when I get a new body ache. And my hips hurt the day after ziplining. And maybe when you have to hike down to jump 3 and your knees ache so bad that you’re debating scooting along the mud on your butt. But outside of that .. I don’t mind getting older.

And because I’m older than 21. And because I’m at the right age where you can actually be flattered to get carded. And because I just like good beer.

 I attribute my fondess for good beers to my age. Cheaper isn’t the criteria anymore. So getting older isn’t so bad, is it. Also, it helps to have a job. Not everyone has a wonderful husband who understands and also appreciates beer. TG talks about beer like most people talk about wine.

Don’t tell him I said that though .. it might ruin his reputation of “My favorite beer is an open beer.”

Birthday lunches with a sampling of beers from Waimea Brewing Company are great. But sharing that time (and beer) with that special guy in your life is even better.

A year ago today, my boyfriend called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch.

A year ago today, I got married.

On my lunch break.

Dipping in Idaho

The past year has had its many ups and downs. More than I can even count.

  1. I became a Married Lady. Weird.
  2. I call my father-in-law, Pops.
  3. I met some family people in Idaho. And found out Idaho has a wine region!
  4. I became a … stepmom. (WTH?)
  5. TG went on a 7 month deployment.
  6. TG came back and we had a lot of stuff to figure out.
  7. TG eats more Korean food than I do. And my mom loves it.
  8. I got to buy a whole bunch of new furniture because we moved into Navy Housing.
  9. Learning to communicate in married speak is totally different from what you’d think.
  10. We’re still learning to communicate. And getting better every day. 

    We jumped.


The ride is still going. Decisions are still being made.

A future with only 750 cranes, give or take 3.

The future is still something to look forward to. A future that doesn’t consist of 1001 cranes but an amazing future, nontheless.

I love you TG.

Happy 1 year Anniversary!

After I made the decision to rechedule the wedding I sort of pushed everything back.

When I say “sort of pushed” I actually mean I shoved and kicked it into a little tiny corner of my mind where I wouldn’t ever have to look at it. And that’s exactly where it went.

Until I opened up this drawer at work and looked inside. The little tiny corner of my mind is in a file cabinet at work.

Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

Bagged cranes.

Does anyone remember the last count on those cranes? Well, whatever it was, it hasn’t changed.

And of course, I’ve forgotten how to fold them.

I will now list several reasons why I am not going to finish folding 1001 cranes.

1. I am not Japanese Hawaiian.
2. I am Korean Hawaiian (and as far as I know .. please don’t tell me otherwise … we don’t do this)
3. I forgot how to fold cranes out of little square pieces of paper
4. I have enough to make what I want to make out of the 700 + cranes that I’ve already folded
5. When I decided to push everything back into that little corner and bring it back to the front later. Well, it kind of totally backfired on me
6. I had everything finalized, August last year, and now I’m questioning my favor choices

and the last reason is ..

7. See #1 and #2. and maybe # 3, 4, 5 .. oh shoot.

You get my point.

(Apology Disclaimer: Sorry TG! I know you’ve been dreaming of seeing all 1001 cranes .. but I’m not superstitious, nor are either of us Japanese Hawaiian. And most importantly, I’m still looking forward to forever with you.. even without those darn cranes)

It’s a good thing I’ve already locked in those vendors.

Nick Pugay is our photographer.

Nick Pugay. Wedding Photographer.

 Kathy Mahone of Aloha Cakery is doing our cake.

We’ve got Sounds to Go Hawaii doing our music.

My uber talented brother-in-law, Derrick “Taiger” Apana-Williams is MCing the event.

Team Flaunt will be doing hair and make-up.

Lastly and certainly not least, we will be married by Reverend Greg Christopherson of Honolulu.

Who knows what type of indecision hell I’d be in right now if I hadn’t already made deposits with these vendors (not my bro-in-law .. he’s obligated by family law .. heh) early last year.

Yay for Proper Planning!

Henna tatts.

tatt guy

Just about the same price as a regular one but as a parent you have peace of mind knowing that in a week, it’ll go away.

Atleast I think you do.

Or .. you could look at it as you are spending just as much money for a tattoo that will fade so you might as well let your kid get the real deal.

And you still think I should have kids?

The girls got tatts. The design got bigger depending on the age of the girl. Respectively.

Bay done. Now Tay.


Of course, I wouldn’t let my kids get a real tattoo. Under the age of 18, at least.

I’d probably go on and on and on about the potential risks and life time of regret from getting one.

or three.

But I digress.

This isn’t about regret. It’s about spring break. And non permanent henna tattoos.

And sorta about a henna dude, named Justin Drew at the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel in Wailea Maui.

"Shaka" Henna dude.

I’m a sucker for fire.

I like when they light up my food.

Liquid Fire

That doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be the best tasting thing in the world but lighting something on fire definitely makes it taste a little better.

Pouring Fire

That’s just something I tell myself so that I can order anything that says “Flambè” on the menu.

We went to Nick’s at the Fairmont Kea Lani and for our dessert course we had Strawberry Panatini.

I’m going to be honest with you. This wasn’t the “O-Ma-Gahd this is so Fantastic” dessert that I had hoped for but there was fire. It didn’t make up for the overly tart strawberries but there was artistry and showmanship and I like those two things when they accompany my food.

Plate. Three Ways.

The best way to eat a strawberry (this is going to be one of those Trust Me discussions) is with brown sugar and sour cream.

They called it Devonshire cream (though I am almost certain you can replace it with sour cream), along with some Maui brown sugar and chocolate sauce to decorate the plates.

Strawberries on fire!

All in all, I’d rather have fresh strawberries dipped in sour cream and dunked in a huge bowl of brown sugar. But for the show factor, you could get this dessert. Just don’t expect for it to taste as good as it will look.

On another note and not entirely off center, there are some dishes that I absolutely love prepared tableside (with fire). If you ever get the opportunity to get Steak au poivre (steak, peppercorns and cognac cream sauce) or Banana’s Foster (bananas, caramel and rum served over ice cream) or even Crepe Suzette (crepe, sugar and Grand Marnier), which was my very first flambèed dish, you definitely should.

Great. It’s 10:30 in the morning and all I want to eat right now is a big ol’ hunk of beef smothered in a cognac cream sauce.

Ok. I just looked up the calories for said steak.

I’ll just stick with my black coffee.

View from inside the pool

Now I will tell you that I did have a few things that I will definitely be replicating at home.

One of which was the Orea Cookie shake (the kids got one .. I tried it .. I almost drank the whole shake when they decided it was safe to leave with Auntie Julia).

Kahlua Choco Peanut Butter yumminess

Another one of those things was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup shake. With a shot of Kahlua.

bright blue cabana

Preferrably, poolside.

On a lounge chair.

In a bright blue cabana.

Because that’s how I roll.

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