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Here’s a funny story. Sorta. Did you know that I’ve been married 3 times and never divorced? Yeah. It’s funny in a confusing, minorly upsetting and slightly pricey kind of way.

The first time TG and I got married was on April 28, 2010. We did this before his deployment. And so when he came back from deployment in February 2011, we had almost been married a year. During his 7 month deployment TG got undivorced to wifey #1. Only by paper. And the law. So he came back married to two women.

I hear thats legal in Utah. Anywho …

Moving forward. During the new divorce proceedings from wifey #1 we find out that the judge ordered TG to be remarried to her and unmarried to me. Oh. It get’s better folks. Just stay with me.

Our wedding ceremony and reception was scheduled for August 26, 2011. If you’re counting, that’s the 2nd time we got married. When we got back from Colorado (TG’s oldest son got married the same weekend), we were informed the divorce from wifey #1 went through on August 17th. Which means, that our second marriage (the one with the big party) could’ve been our legal marriage (x2). Unfortunately we weren’t informed of that until after getting back.

Last fast forward. I promise. On September 10, 2011 (9/10/11) the Rev who married us on August 26th, remarried us (legally) in his home.

In case you skipped part of the above.. TG and I are married. Legally. I’m still not sure which of the three dates I want to celebrate though. Maybe all 3?

Here are some photos from the Ceremony and Reception.

My cousin made the bouquets. She’s an Officer in the U.S. Army. She majored in two languages which really have nothing to do with anything. She specializes in chemical warfare. And she makes a gorgeous wedding bouquet.

Seriously. Who knew.
Of course Dante was in the wedding.

Dante was my ring bearer, along with my adorable flower girls (Needed mom to make sure Madison had a good hold on Dante).

New Family.

This is what you do with 1001 cranes. Actually .. this is what you do with 500 something cranes. The rest you put in a bag and figure out how the pros actually incorporate all 1001 cranes into 1 design.

I danced with my Dad.

TG danced with his Mom.

I danced the hula for TG.

The only time I cried teared up was during my sister’s (Matron of Honor) speech. I love my sister ya’ll. Seriously.

I seem to have an affinity for my goofy face wedding photos.  Just saying “HI” to our photographer, Nick Pugay of Nick Pugay Photography. He did such a fantastic job. We laughed together. A lot.

Good times with Friends and Family.

It’s a funny story, really.  Now we can choose which date to celebrate our anniversary. I’m glad we stuck it out though. Even if it took us 3 times.

Oh yeah. Thanks for your patience. I swear I keep meaning to post more frequently. And everytime I cook something I want to share it .. but my photos are horrible.

I plan on taking a digital photography class soon. In the near future. Maybe then I’ll learn how to use that SLR camera. Hopefully.


My friend KK hosted a bridal shower party at my house. She’s the mother of twins. Which is why it was at my house.  And of course I volunteered to make brunch.

My friend .. KK ...Oh .. did I mention she has twins?

Why? Well, if you want the simple answer, it’s because I’m a control freak. If you want the more complex answer that basically ends with the simple answer, you’ll just have to ask me.

I also volunteered to feed my wonderful girlfriends and family because they are helping me finish off that 1001 crane deal. I had already folded 739 cranes. They helped me fold an additional 200 cranes or so, leaving me about 60 to fold on my own. And trust me .. 60 is a way more managable number than almost 300. In my head, at least.

Crane Folding - In Action!

*NOTE: I read somewhere that the bride and groom to be are supposed to fold these (together). Totally messed up when I told TG that it was only the bride to be. He’s making me stick to what I told him first. **breath** Patience and Longevity.** OOooommm….

The menu consisted of the following items:

  1. Cranberry Almond Orange scones
  2. Breakfast Quiche Squares
  3. Roasted Vegetable Quiche Squares
  4. Spanish Style Roasted Potatoes
  5. Green Salad
  6. Lemon Thyme Vinegarette
  7. Fruit Platter
  8. Kalamansi Orange and Cucumber water (I called it Spa water .. because it tasted like the kind of water they serve in the spas)

Looks like an extensive list, right? It’s not really. It just looks long. Here are some pictures that I did not take because I have a horrible camera.

Or. I take horrible pictures. I like to go with the first excuse though.

Orange Cranberry Almond Scones

Quiches. Fruits. Potatoes. Scones. Croissant. Malasadas.

I just realized that some of you may be wondering .. what’s a malasada? Well, in a few words its heavenly delightful and gloriously fattening. Also, it is a portugese donut. Specifically, a Leonard’s Malasada. Not to be confused by any other malasada cart/truck you might see because Leonard’s really is the best.

Spa Water. Cucumbers & Kalamansi orange/lemon juice

Even my mom and Han unnie showed up. Not to fold cranes, mind you. They just came over for the food.

Han unnie, Me and Mom

 **What the heck?  When did I decide it was ok to stop wearing makeup and fixing my hair???**

In fact, I really didn’t expect it but I am so more than thankful for KK helping me out when she has the time. Did I mention she’s a mother of twins? Girls. Almost 2. In other words, her hands are pretty full.

Gifts for the Crane Folders (Slave labor) heh... Thanks KK!

Background on me and KK: We’ve known eachother since 1994. We went to the University of Hawaii together and met at Newman Catholic Center on campus. We’ve remained friends, even with my moving all over the mainland.  She’s had the same cell phone number since she got a cell phone (I think). And I have always kept her number in my phone.

This is what happens when you over work your employees.

I’d like to introduce you to a few friends that I put to work that day. They helped a ton. Well, some of us had other talents and maybe weren’t meant for crane folding.

Sina & Noonan. Roomies. My Co-worker and my old neighbor from NYC.

Sina is so pretty. Thanks for the massages, Sina!

Nan & CChan. Yup. Sina really is that good.

Recipients of said massage. If you need a masseuse please let me know. Sina travels, is amazing and licensed!

I’m pimp’n my friend out because she’s totally worth it. Just ask TG. I got him a massage, too. And no. I do not get any kickbacks for referring people. I just think she does such a fantastic job.

Shower gifts. From KK. She's awesome.

I’d also like to thank my cousin’s who came to help (sorta … hahaha).

Sorry .. We’re blood. So it’s totally ok.

But really. I could not have gotten all of these done. I now have about 20 more to fold on my own to hit my goal!

Also. Just in: TG folded 1 crane! Which will also go into the bigger picture.

Dante's cone of shame. On Nan.

Yes. These are my friends.

No. I do not endorse humans wearing doggie cones (even the comfort cone).

Although, I’m pretty sure Dante was relieved to have it off and probably found it comforting that someone else had to chose to wear it.

A year ago today, my boyfriend called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch.

A year ago today, I got married.

On my lunch break.

Dipping in Idaho

The past year has had its many ups and downs. More than I can even count.

  1. I became a Married Lady. Weird.
  2. I call my father-in-law, Pops.
  3. I met some family people in Idaho. And found out Idaho has a wine region!
  4. I became a … stepmom. (WTH?)
  5. TG went on a 7 month deployment.
  6. TG came back and we had a lot of stuff to figure out.
  7. TG eats more Korean food than I do. And my mom loves it.
  8. I got to buy a whole bunch of new furniture because we moved into Navy Housing.
  9. Learning to communicate in married speak is totally different from what you’d think.
  10. We’re still learning to communicate. And getting better every day. 

    We jumped.


The ride is still going. Decisions are still being made.

A future with only 750 cranes, give or take 3.

The future is still something to look forward to. A future that doesn’t consist of 1001 cranes but an amazing future, nontheless.

I love you TG.

Happy 1 year Anniversary!

After I made the decision to rechedule the wedding I sort of pushed everything back.

When I say “sort of pushed” I actually mean I shoved and kicked it into a little tiny corner of my mind where I wouldn’t ever have to look at it. And that’s exactly where it went.

Until I opened up this drawer at work and looked inside. The little tiny corner of my mind is in a file cabinet at work.

Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

Bagged cranes.

Does anyone remember the last count on those cranes? Well, whatever it was, it hasn’t changed.

And of course, I’ve forgotten how to fold them.

I will now list several reasons why I am not going to finish folding 1001 cranes.

1. I am not Japanese Hawaiian.
2. I am Korean Hawaiian (and as far as I know .. please don’t tell me otherwise … we don’t do this)
3. I forgot how to fold cranes out of little square pieces of paper
4. I have enough to make what I want to make out of the 700 + cranes that I’ve already folded
5. When I decided to push everything back into that little corner and bring it back to the front later. Well, it kind of totally backfired on me
6. I had everything finalized, August last year, and now I’m questioning my favor choices

and the last reason is ..

7. See #1 and #2. and maybe # 3, 4, 5 .. oh shoot.

You get my point.

(Apology Disclaimer: Sorry TG! I know you’ve been dreaming of seeing all 1001 cranes .. but I’m not superstitious, nor are either of us Japanese Hawaiian. And most importantly, I’m still looking forward to forever with you.. even without those darn cranes)

It’s a good thing I’ve already locked in those vendors.

Nick Pugay is our photographer.

Nick Pugay. Wedding Photographer.

 Kathy Mahone of Aloha Cakery is doing our cake.

We’ve got Sounds to Go Hawaii doing our music.

My uber talented brother-in-law, Derrick “Taiger” Apana-Williams is MCing the event.

Team Flaunt will be doing hair and make-up.

Lastly and certainly not least, we will be married by Reverend Greg Christopherson of Honolulu.

Who knows what type of indecision hell I’d be in right now if I hadn’t already made deposits with these vendors (not my bro-in-law .. he’s obligated by family law .. heh) early last year.

Yay for Proper Planning!

I said Rings. and Roses.

Not to be mistaken for Rings around the rosie.

We’re talk’n happy times. Not sad plague-y death caused by fleas on rats.

Oh lord, where did this post go?

Lavendar Roses

Are we back on track now? Did the roses bring you back? Good.

TG overheard somewhere that his wife’s favorite flower is a Sterling Silver Rose. (see: Anniverary Roses)

Of course, it could be that he actually read about it. Or maybe it was that time I told him.


Either way. These roses were waiting for me when I got home from work on Valentines Day. So beautiful. So well arranged. So totally perfect.

I don’t have pictures of dinner but I will tell you that TG grilled a couple Wagyu steaks on that new grill he got for Christmas.

If you ever want melt in your mouth steak. If you, like me, love rib eye then wagyu will be beyond your wildest dreams. The very first bite will make you a changed person.

I know I ask you to trust me .. an awful lot.

But I’m only saying it for your own good. I know things. You should just trust me.

Plus, I promise to eat it first.

On to the Rings. During that 7 month cruise TG went on he happend to pick me up a couple of things.

Ok. A few things. Including these things.


Wanna hear something super duper sweet.

I mean this is gonna cause some major cavity/root canal damage, folks.

He had something inscribed in the engagement ring.


Can you see what it says? Even if you could, it is very possible that some of you may not even know what it means.

It says “SARANG HAE.” Which is “I Love You” in Korean.

I can hear the “AWWWWwwwsss” right now.

And, Yup. In case you were wondering…

That’s exactly what she said.

Guess what this is? Take a guess how many cranes have been folded?


I have folded a total of 752 cranes, 7 of which don’t count because I gave 5 to David to take on the ship and 1 on my desk and then one more .. that I think I messed up. I still folded it! But I can’t count it because its ugly. Like the last kid picked in PE class. Like the weakest kid picked during Red Rover .. red rover .. send (name if weak kid) right over. Only this kid got cut. Lots of lessons to be learned here, folks. Not everyone gets to be a part of the big 1001 crane made picture.

2 bags-a-stink'n-cranes ...on my desk*

So on my desk in two separate bags are 695 cranes. And as of today, I have folded about 100 more blue than I have orange. You wanna know how many more cranes I have to fold to reach my goal of 1000? Wanna know how long its been since I’ve folded a crane? Wanna know how long I walked around with a packet of 100 orange origami papers in my backpack (you know .. to even out the numbers a bit)?

1.  255 (I have 50 at home in a little bag)
2.  Approximately 1 month
3.  Approximately 1 month

I admit. I was overly ambitious. I wanted to fold them all. All 1000 cranes. Because I tend to be overly ambitious. Did I mention that I can be overly ambitious?

I am giving myself a month to get it back in gear. To fold the last 255 cranes. Because come December, if its not done .. I’m going to have to have a party. That involves lots of friends. And Dinner. And Lots of Drinks. Thats right .. I said Drinks. Ok.. Tell ya what. You can have a drink after you fold 25 cranes.

Whatdya say? Deal? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

*Used PW’s Lovely Ethereal & Boost Actions on this photo. lovely.

Waimea Bay, Northshore Oahu

Have you ever heard of a trash the dress photo session? If you haven’t this is a pretty good explanation why you might want to consider it: Trash the Dress  

TG and I went to the (one of many) Wedding Expos at the Hawaii Convention Center earlier this year and although I had basically picked out the small selection of wedding photographers I was going to choose from I ran across a booth with a picture of a couple kissing underwater. Upon further discussion with the photographer’s sister (she was manning the booth because he was busy shooting a wedding) and finding out that this creative soul is/was a water sports photographer, I made my final decision. Actually, I was teetering on the edge of that decision but finalized it when we met Nick Pugay at JJ Dolans in Downtown Honolulu. Nick is a super laid back, easy to talk to and fun guy to work with. He creates the most amazing photos and is truly a pro. I’m looking forward to the actual wedding day (to see how he handles my stress… heh heh).

Hair? Done. Dress? Dry. Being held by my Sailor? Amazing. And yes, I was going for the cheese.

So on June 6, 2010, David and I headed out to Waimea Bay on the North Shore at about 6:30 AM, where we met Nick in the parking lot.  There were a few stray clouds in the sky creating an overcast shadow above us and chilling the air but they went away. then came back. then went away. came back and one more time went away for the rest of the photoshoot. 

Yup. That's me. and Him.

Nick was really good at placing us and telling us what to do, how to look and where to not put my hands. *wink* (I keed .. I keed) Luckily, in this digital age, we got to see some of the shots that were taken and they were truly amazing and can only be done by someone with a great eye. We began shooting around 7:30 AM and as we meandered through the sand and eventually into the water, the audience tourists started to stream onto our backdrop.

We're the ones in white

One of the many best parts about this day was when we jumped off the big rock (AKA: Da Big Rock). So there’s this huge rock that local kids jump off of at Waimea Bay. The rock is somewhere between 20 to 40 feet high (I’ve tried to look up how tall it really is but the number isn’t consistent) and if you don’t time it right (to jump during a swell) you are liable to end up paralyzed or something.  There I was in a wedding dress and TG in his summer whites. So the first jump (oh yes .. we jumped more than once) as he kept track of the incoming wave/water rising I looked out onto the beach to see everyone watching US and some with cameras. Can you imagine .. “Hey guys! Look what we saw on our vacation to Hawaii!!!”  

Let me give you some background on me, first. I was that kid who went up the big platform diving board and almost walked right back down when I looked over the edge. My heart would race out of my chest and my mouth would go dry. I didn’t want to chicken out because kids are mean and you’d never live it down but I questioned whether or not I would come out of this jump (plummet, fall, accelarated death leap) alive?  

And now, as an adult, I can look down 31 stories, strapped into some rappelling equipment to a metal scaffolding and wish I could go faster (without the emergency breaks on the line). I can look down the face of a 30 foot rock into the big blue ocean and not think anything of it. I don’t know when I became this weird adrenaline junkie but somewhere between a tween and now I became this person who wouldn’t mind jumping out of a plane or rappelling off one of the tallest hotels in Waikiki.  

The first jump came off without a hitch. As we surfaced we heard cheers. Lots of congratulatory screams. Hoot’n and Holler’n! We even had some kids yelling at us to kiss because we had made this monumentous jump. We jumped the second time in hopes that Nick would be able to catch us underwater but the water was too disturbed from the jumping and so he couldn’t get a clear shot but it was such a great time so I didn’t mind so much that we made the jump again.

A perfect way to spend a morning .. although I don’t recommend walking around in a wet wedding dress for shits & giggles. Dragging a bunch of wet tulle and organza sounds like a fun deal but in reality it’s sorta not. Also, Please note this activity is best done with some food in you. A cup of coffee shared between two adults really isn’t enough. Just a tip.  

How many takes did this take?

All in all, that day was pretty amazing and it ended with some Mexican food in Haleiwa followed by Shave Ice from Matsumotos! 

This is the last morning I get to spend waking up in my husband’s arms for atleast another 218 days.  This morning/day came way too fast. I had expected it to come. I anticipated its arrival. I slowly started to harden to it and embrace the fact that it was inevitable. All this preparation and yet, I know, as I stand on that pier to watch my husband leave tomorrow morning, amonst the children screaming for their mommy or daddy to come back, the mothers/wives trying to console their young ones while feeling the same heavy longing for their spouse, that my eyes too will fill with tears as I watch him leave.

Saying "I Love You" a 1000+ times

I haven’t had the opportunity to get used to this lifestyle and I am glad that I may only have to go through this one other time and then settle into our future, wherever it should take us. I have a friend who has 3 kids and a husband in the navy. I imagine that it must be terribly hard on her but she takes it very well.  She’s told me that she feels luckier because she has to be the strong one for her kids, while the childless spouse must find someone else to lean on rather than put all their effort and energy into holding someone else up.

Leaving Pearl Harbor

They have a Family Readiness Group that will meet once a month to discuss what is happening on the ship and provide a peer group for family members. I’m not really interested in becoming friends with any of these women (I’ve heard military wife drama is pretty retarded) but am going to go to win that First Kiss pass that I’ve heard about. So many things I’ve never experienced and I feel like I’m starting so late in life. The weirdest part is that I am the same age and sometimes older than many of these wives but I feel like such a newb because I just married into the navy.

Leaving the Channel

I’m a little sad. But its not forever. Its not even close to forever and I am so proud of what he does that its difficult to take that away from him and all those that serve our country. Its a whole 218 days (i’m hoping it won’t be more than that). A very very small drop in the ever filling bucket of life. Love TG.

In my entire life. Seriously. For those of you who don’t know how I got back to Hawaii, here is the story. Mind you, I had planned on moving back. I just got here about (however long it is/was going to take me to retire) years before planned.

I am an Outskirts of the City sort of girl. I don’t like to live in the city because in my head I am a 75 year old cranky old broad who hates noise and teenagers. In reality, I am a 34 year old cranky old broad who hates teenagers and is not fond of loud noises. But the thought of moving back to, good ol’ laid back Hawaii wasn’t something I was prepared for, just yet. I wanted to live like a young career woman, whose world was at her fingertips. I wanted to be able to push buttons, snap my fingers, stomp my feet and have everything happen. The way I wanted it to happen. The way it should have happened. Right? Ok. Back to my worst decision ever story …

I decided to leave Los Angeles and head to New York City. I had been told by many people that New York was an inflexible lady and hard to appease but in my cocky little mind I thought I would be able to break through her invincible barricade and feel the loving tenderness of her concrete jungle as it embraced me and all my whims. For about five months I was living the good life.

The saying goes, “Nothing is ever Free” but occasionally you can get around that or find a loophole. New York City is the exception. Nothing is Free. Not even networking discussions. Someone always wants something from you and they take it. Often times without you knowing, leaving you feeling violated and bitter. But before the violation came the hammer.

I had just moved to NYC in February and then on June 30, 2008 I was handed my last check (plus a small severance) and a piece of paper that said Thanks for stopping by, sorry you had to move yourself across the country to be here but we’ve decided we don’t have money to spend on Marketing and therefore have no need for your services.

I had a year long hate/sometimes hate more relationship with NYC and then I got a call from my parents. They offered to house me, feed me, clothe me (no wait .. I had my own clothes) and basically live rent free while I got back on my feet. Oh. Did I mention that I have a very cute and adorable fluffy little white bichi poo? And a mother who insisted she was allergic to all animals (especially my dog whom she had never met). It took me about 2 months to accept their generous offer. It hurt my pride. It hurt everything. I had lived outside of my parents roof for more than 15 years and here I was .. a 30 something year old, moving back in with my parents. I had become a statistic.

This was over a year ago. Between now and then my mother (allergic to all animals) absolutely loves Dante (cute fluffy white dog) and I have managed to drop 40 pounds* by getting into a workout routine that entails hitting the gym atleast 5 times a week, eating as much korean food as my mom can possibly make and .. oh yeah. I got married to TG. Which makes moving to NYC the worst and then best decision I have ever made. Hands down. Period.

* For me, I didn’t realize what my outside appearance did to my inside until I shed some much needed layers. I began to lose weight. Significant amounts of weight. I dropped half of me (in dress sizes) and all of a sudden I felt different. I can’t say that I was unhappy when I weighed more but I can say I am a different and better person now that I weigh less. At the time, I was ok with where I was. I didn’t feel the need to change anything. But at the same time I was also ok with thinking I would live alone for the rest of my life. I was ok with thinking I would be a super career woman. I thought I wanted to live my life without sharing my dreams with that special someone. When I lost my weight I found a new woman. I became a confident woman. And I’m not talking that false bravado stuff. I lost the woman that was ok with being alone for the rest of her life because of her unwillingness to see what she could have if she worked just a little harder. At everything. I do.

My sincerest apologies if the above paragraph offends anyone. I’d like to take this chance to blame my lack of tact on my being Korean. Although, I don’t think I lacked tact in anything I wrote. Trust me. I know what no tact sounds like and it aint pretty.

This is only the beginning of something. I’m not sure what just yet but I do know that a daily count down to 1001 cranes for my wedding next February isn’t what anyone wants to read about.  But for your information, I am a crane folding machine! And before anyone asks … No. I will not fold your 1001 cranes for you.

The practice in crane folding for a wedding started in Hawaii. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking this is a Japanese tradition. It is infact a Hawaiian Japanese tradition, made to show patience in your future marital bliss as well as the hope/prayer for longevity in said union. I don’t mind folding all these cranes as I have gotten much better and faster but had I never gotten the hang of it, I would say marriage be damned .. I would only hope for half the longevity, screaming and kicking the whole way.

I am a newly wed. Married into the Navy. Army brat my whole life, until about two months ago. Oh. I see how this could confuse you. We got married in April. That Guy “TG”  is going on deployment soon and when he gets back we will have my dream wedding celebration. It might be a little bit of his dream, but I’m pretty sure its mostly mine.

You don’t have alot of time before Uncle Sam calls you back to Duty. Being a staunch supporter of our military service men and women, I am proud to say that my husband serves our great country so that we can be free.  Remember. If you live in this country, you don’t know what its like to not be free. You’ve never had your freedom stripped from you. Be thankful. Thank our military men and women who strive daily to make sure it is never taken away from you.

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